PMI India Conference 2011 will be held at The LaLiT Ashok, Bangalore from 8-10 Sep 2011.
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PMI Awards

Honoring Exceptional Achievements

A highlight of the event was the awards ceremony held on 19 November. PMI India honored the achievements of three organizations in project management. The PMI India Project Management Awards Program will annually recognize individuals, groups and organizations for the effective application of project management principles and techniques.

PMI India Best Project of the Year Award: Engineers India Limited (EIL) won the award for the Bina Refinery Project for Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited in Madhya Pradesh. The runner up was Synergy Telecommunications for its turnkey rollout of telecom cell sites projects.

Speaking to Manage India after receiving the Best Project of the Year Award, Mr. R.K. Grover, director (projects), EIL, said, "We have been able to achieve successful execution in our projects with no significant cost- and time-overrun. This has been possible because we have institutionalized project management in our organization. Our systems and procedures are well-defi ned. There are strong interfaces between groups across the enterprise so that information flows smoothly. We have implemented project management seamlessly to manage over 1,000 suppliers and contractors who work with us."

PMI India Award for Contribution to Community: International Centre for Entrepreneurship and Career Development (ICECD) won the award for a widow rehabilitation project in Gujarat. The runner up was Helptolive for Saivite School, a project for socially disadvantaged children.

An elated Hinaa Shah, director, ICECD said the credit for the success of the widow rehabilitation project goes largely to project management. "Project management is not well developed among non-governmental organizations. The greatest challenge for us has been in getting volunteers. People these days are interested in pursuing professional courses and do not come forward for voluntary work. We'll nevertheless continue to work towards helping women in our society attain financial independence," she said. The project has provided entrepreneurial skills to over 45,000 women in the country.

PMI India Jury Awards: HSBC for its 'Collections transformation project' The HSBC team that received the Jury Award said the biggest challenge for implementing the project was the nature of the team. "We have teams in different parts of the world. The winning element in our project was our ability to bring out the strengths of these teams and deploy them effectively. With project management, we were ahead of the targets by 40 percent," said one of the team members.

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