Project Management Research & Academic Conference 2011

Leading Complex Projects

Leading Complex Projects by Kaye Remington is very useful book for both scholars and PM practitioners. It follows naturally from Kaye's earlier book (Tools for Complex Projects, Remington and Pollack, 2007). Leading Complex Projects is based on extensive research, including over 70 in-depth interviews with senior project leaders who have successfully delivered complex, high risk projects, but it is written in practical language designed for practitioners as well as post-graduate students. It is now a designated text in several post-graduate project management programs, Kaye draws upon over 25 years of practice and many years teaching senior practitioners at universities around the world. Always with a focus is always on how to help practitioners in the field, the book includes useful check lists and guides for practitioners who are faced with managing and leading complex projects. She draws upon an impressive set of citations that in themselves are useful for anyone studying PM complexity. The book also cites quotes from senior managers who discuss some amazingly complex and complicated projects.

Section one, focuses on what good leadership does when projects are complex. The nine chapters in this section are derived from the key themes from the interviews with senior practitioners, backed up by sound research. Section two of the book moves to discuss what good leadership needs when projects are complex. Section three is quite short, two chapters on how good leadership behaves when projects are complex. Both chapters in this section are inspired by impressions of the leaders in the interview sample, by the author and her research assistant.

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Dr. Kaye Remington

Dr. Kaye Remington brings to her workshops a rich mix of over 25 years international experience in industry followed by leadership at university level, research, consulting and authorship many academic papers and three books. In 2006 she decided to leave her position as Director of the Post-Graduate Project Management Program at the University of Technology Sydney to return to practice. Now she combines consulting and training with university lecturing and she continues to research and write books. Her most recent publication is Leading Complex Projects (2011, Gower Publishing) which was nominated for an international award. Kaye has had extensive experience working with, designing and facilitating workshops for senior project leaders in many countries of the world. She is passionate about learning. Above all she believes that effective learning must be challenging but also supportive and fun. Kaye brings to her workshops a wide background of experience and interests, combining a knowledge of architecture and engineering project management with psychology, innovation, systems thinking and complexity theory! She now devotes her attention to how complexity science can help senior project leaders to lead more effectively in complex and contested environments. In 2006 she was awarded an Erasmus Mundus Fellowship inviting her to teach at several European universities.