Revamping Project Management: Assessment of infrastructure projects and corrective recommendations for infrastructure projects.

A joint study by Project Management Institute (PMI), India and KPMG, India in consultation with Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation (MOSPI)

The study was officially released on the occasion of 13th Statistic Day celebrated by MOSPI on 29th June.  The objective of this study is to bring out the core issues in implementing large infrastructure initiatives of the Government and providing corrective recommendations for strengthening project and program management capabilities along with an analysis on the potential for job creation.

Infrastructure sector in India is experiencing a significant growth wave, and it is imperative that the required improvements do not create hindrances in project progress. Given this backdrop, it is crucial to focus on the core industry issues and the opportunity that lies therein, because the road to growth cannot happen without putting in place the infrastructure backbone, which then has a multiplier effect on the economy and the nation. While a few recommendations in this study are low hanging opportunities for improvement, others require a transformational perspective. On the whole, the study recommendations can lead to improved project management capabilities. The recommendations address causes that contribute to above 60% of time overruns and above 70% of cost overruns.


  • Invest heavily in pre-planning and site investigation.
  • Implement collaborative and agile planning.
  • Reform procurement process and strengthen contract management.
  • Implementation of lean construction principles for productivity improvement.
  • Embed a culture of risk management; from concept to commissioning.
  • Strengthen people management processes.
  • Augment organizational skillset.
  • Deepen stakeholder management for land acquisition and regulatory approvals.
  • Establish a robust project governance structure.

These recommendations will be useful for policymakers, Public Sector Enterprises, engineering and contracting firms in the country that are implementing these programs and projects to promote successful implementation of projects within scheduled time and cost.

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Revamping Project Management