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Explore the opportunity to join fellow leaders and executives from the world’s top organizations and PMOs who believe in the power of shared learning to improve project management results.

Timely information and a contact network second to none.

The main building blocks of success are strategy, innovation, and implementation.

When your business or industry seeks to grow, transform or try to win more profitably, the path will certainly lead to project management.

We provide the actual details you require to help your organization grow in project, program and portfolio management. You will have the privilege to connect to a global contact network that’s second to none.

PMO Symposium

Join executives and fellow leaders from the world’s top PMOs and gain a behind-the-scenes view into the plans and programs that deliver success.

Organizations are struggling to manage projects more economically with billions of rupees being dependent on the success and failure of projects.

The best performing organizations approach project, program and portfolio management strategically from the way they implement their projects to the way they deliver them.

The PMO Symposium is an exceptional forum for PMO executives to assemble together to learn about the latest PMO research, exchange ideas, and to network with colleagues and thought leaders from around the globe.

Thought Leadership

Discover fresh ideas and information pertaining to project management topics. Explore thoughts and views from industry leaders and jump deeper into the area that impacts the profession. Here you will have the opportunity to learn about original research, information, and analysis from results-oriented organizations and strategic leaders at different levels.

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Global Executive Council

The Council is a society of thought leaders, decision-makers, and experts who believe in the power of shared learning to improve project management results.

Council members represent globally recognized brands and organizations from diverse sectors and industries including technology, energy, healthcare, financial services, business services, aerospace, education, consumer products, and defense.

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