PMI Project Management National Conference 2014



Message from Raj Kalady, Managing Director, PMI (India)

Dear Practitioner,

It's my great pleasure to announce the PMI India National Conference for the sixth year on the trot. The Project Management National Conference has come a full circle in its journey. Our very first conference was held in Hyderabad and the current year's conference will yet again be hosted by PMI's Pearl City Chapter, Hyderabad. I'm sure that the learning's from the previous five conferences coupled with the fresh ideas, passion and vision of this year's hosts, will make this conference a wonderful experience for you.

As always, a lot of thought has gone into arriving at the theme for this conference. This is a big year for India. With elections around the corner, a lot of economic and policy changes are expected. Through all this socio economic upheaval how can we ensure a sustainable growth?

This burning topic was the natural choice for this year's theme: "Project Management - the mantra for sustainable growth". The conference provides the right platform to deliberate on this topic and arrive at solutions. With market conditions being so unpredictable, it is no doubt a challenge to make project predictions, plan budgets and timelines accurately. However, using tried and tested project management methodologies can help manage the market dynamics and bring the much needed element of predictability. Project management is the mantra organizations must employ to reach their projected goals. I expect the conference to throw more light on this subject and help practitioners find ways to stay ahead of the curve.

Our conferences have drawn visionaries, industry leaders, policy-makers, thought leaders, and project management champions. We have always strived to meet delegate expectations in terms of the quality of speakers and discussions, as well as knowledge sharing and networking opportunities. This year, too, all efforts will go in to make it an enriching experience for you.

Block your calendar for the power packed two and a half days of the conference. We will be updating this micro site regularly. I encourage you to check it for updates about the conference in the weeks ahead. And most importantly, I look forward to seeing you at the conference.


Raj Kalady
Managing Director, PMI India

Message from Srinivas Kopparapu, Conference Chairman

Dear Enthusiastic Project Management Practitioners,

The very fact that you are here showcases your enthusiasm and passion for Project Management. It is good to have you here. We understand that you are yearning to sustain your Project Management Practice with experiential learning, best practices and the next practices too. You are looking for a Growth in your Project Management practice and your service realms as well. Growth is good. Sustainable Growth, on the other hand, is verily delicious.

PMI Pearl City Chapter (PMIPCC), Hyderabad had hosted the first ever PMI National Conference in India in 2009. Five years hence, PMIPCC is enthralled to host the National Conference again. To fulfil your passionate desire to accomplish Sustainable Growth in the Project Management practice, this year the conference will showcase Project Management as the means to the end i.e., Sustainable Growth. The Conference Theme for the 6th PMI National Conference 2014 is "Project Management - The Mantra for Sustainable Growth".

PMIPCC is in its 12th year of service to the Project Management community encompassing Academia, Business and Civil Society (Society & Nation). PMIPCC is committed to providing better knowledge sharing and practice enhancing opportunities to all Project Management enthusiasts. This conference is another endeavor to provide great Networking, Knowledge Sharing & Skill Enhancing opportunities to the conference Volunteers, Delegates, Speakers, Technical Paper presenters and our Sponsor representatives too.

The venue for the 6th PMI National Conference 2014 is Hyderabad International Convention Centre (HICC), a state-of-the-art Convention Centre, Hitec City, Cyberabad, Hyderabad. The conference is for 2½ days from September 11th to 13th, 2014.

We eagerly look forward to your support & contribution to the Conference and your presence at the conference too.

Srinivas Kopparapu
Conference Chairman
Project Management National Conference 2014

Message from Ravi Vurakaranam, Conference Director

Dear PM Practitioners,

Welcome to the PMI India National conference Sixth edition to be held in Hyderabad. It has taken its birth in Hyderabad in 2009 and has returned to the city of pearls this year. With the experience we have gained in these years, we guarantee you that the delegate experience will be as never before. In these past few years business world has changed. The way we run the projects has got transformed considerably and also the stakeholder expectations have changed. All the organizations will always look for means of growth in their business. We Project Managers should make sure that the growth that we are seeking for, should be sustainable in nature by institutionalizing the practices and building a culture of innovation. The conference theme has been identified in line with these expectations as "Project Management - the mantra for sustainable growth".

The conference caters to the needs of PM practitioners from every business domain not limiting to those like Manufacturing, Pharma, Construction, Information Technology and Government. We have a group of volunteers who have put plans into place to make this happening a successful event. We have speakers from all walks of life who will make this conference a memorable event.

In the last few years, the technology enablement has made the things lot easier to perform. It has led to empowerment of the project teams and also expanded the vistas of communication. Technology has also led to new business avenues. How do we understand the global trends and help prepare our organizations in expectation of these changes. Organizations which have built in a culture of empowerment and innovation will be the first to understand the global trends and help build teams to convert these as opportunities. We are looking for PM practitioners who have experienced these situations and are seeking for opportunities to share their experiences with others in the form of Technical papers and case studies.

We at PMI also are working on encouraging the PM practitioners by institutionalizing multiple awards like Project of the Year, Practitioner of the year and multiple other awards. We seek for organizations and individuals to showcase your best practices by nominating yourself for these awards. The last few years had witnessed large Indian companies both Private and public owned, winning these awards along with their practitioners. The conference delegates also had an opportunity to hear their stories and help set higher goals for themselves and their organizations.

Want to reach out to all the organizations who want to make use of this opportunity to showcase their products and services. We had a vibrant group of practitioners attending these conferences. You can partner with us by sponsoring the conference and help showcase yourself.

Looking forward for you all to come enhance your experiences and to make this conference a success!

Ravi Vurakaranam
Conference Director
Project Management National Conference 2014

Team India