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Session 30: Microsoft Portfolio and Project Management

The session will cover how the trends are changing and how MS PPM is aligned to the new ways of working. It will cover how PPM can help an organization transform through innovation and how organizations can optimize cost, time and resource management with Microsoft Project and portfolio management. It will cover Microsoft'sTM philosophy of aligning tools and software to empower organizations to achieve more.

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Session 29: Essential Skills to Deliver Projects in Current Times

This webinar is based on essential skills that have been identified through research at the Wharton School and HBR consulting firm. They have identified six skills that, when mastered and used in concert, allow leaders to think strategically and navigate the unknown effectively: the abilities to anticipate, challenge, interpret, decide, align, and learn. Modern day project management processes has evolved over several years to help project managers to manage and deliver successful projects be it waterfall, Agile development approaches like Rational Unified Process (RUP) and Extreme Programming (XP) and more. On the other hand technology is fast changing from in premise data and applications to cloud storage and apps in cloud, data volumes increase from MB to GB to TB to PB and so on. Business scenarios

growing complex and demanding value adds puts on pressures on project manager. With all these changes happening around we will see how the abilities to anticipate, challenge, interpret, decide, align, and learn are important and crucial in current times.

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Session 28: Digital Business and PM Community

Technology is changing at an alarming speed, Consumers, Organizations, Communities, Nations have to keep in synch with changes, if they are not they will be outdated and forgotten. Technology is the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes. However all such knowledge doesn't fit into practical usage, and the ones which fit in will survive if it's economically viable.It is important for PM community to have good understanding and feel of Digital Business. In the coming days lot of projects will come up with in the areas of Digital Business or the areas overlapping with Digital Business. There will be occasions in future especially in the Software Industry to complete the bidding, Delivery, support activities using vehicles of DB-Digital Business. PM community will be left behind if the

community doesn't take adequate steps acquire both knowledge and working skills in DB. The government of India has kicked-off one of it's most prestigious Project named 'Digital India'. It is a dream project of the Government to transform India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy. It is centered on three vision areas; Digital Infrastructure as a Utility to Every Citizen, Governance, and Services on Demand and Digital Empowerment of Citizens. These three vision areas further encompass nine themes or pillars'.

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Session 27: DELL PM3 (Project, Program, Portfolio) Framework and Service Offerings

Dell Services has over 20 years of experience delivering PMO solutions to customers in all industries and project types through a patented and award winning methodology. The Dell Services PMO team of experts will provide an overview of the PM3 Framework which supports all aspects of project management, program management, and PMO. The team will walk through best practices in effectively address and manage critical success factors. Attendees will also learn how to improve performance with Dell Service's comprehensive PMO Service offering.

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Session 26: Project Governance

Project Governance is the key aspect of every project which ensures that the project is conceived well, is structured correctly and is executed with the right oversight and control. Project Manager’s need to critically identify the various aspects of Governance –how teams need to be structured, how to define R & Rs, what kind of review mechanisms should be institutionalized & how project status needs to be reported. This Webinar on Project Governance covers the various the different elements of project governance like Structure, Control & Oversight and Reporting.

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Session 25: Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder Engagement is a critical aspect of project management. Organizations have transformed their business and organization structure which has resulted in project manager having to work with multiple different stakeholders – who are either affect the outcome are affected by the project. The webinar on Stakeholder Engagement covers aspects of identifying the project stakeholders, assessing them and evolving a communication / engagement strategy to engage with them. This webinar attempts to provide PMs will some templates which can be leveraged to engage with stakeholders effectively.

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Session 24: Is Agile delivering the expected results?

While leaders spend significant effort and money on adopting Agile, it is equally important to periodically check if adoption of Agile has started delivering the expected results. This webinar would presents inputs on how to ensure that Agile is really providing the intended outcome or returns on investment. This webinar would present different measurement models to measure outcome of Agile transformation in any organization. The webinar covers various measurement models that can be used during different phases of Agile transformation. The webinar would also present outcome of a survey conducted by the author on how different organizations are measuring effectiveness of their Agile implementation. The webinar covers various aspects like Business case definition of Agile implementation, Agile Transformation

roadmap, Agile readiness assessment, Agile current state assessment, Agile effectiveness evaluation and ROI of Agile implementation.

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Session 23: Is there any innovation happening in Agile

Agile Project Management methodology is getting wider acknowledgement and adoption in the last few years. Even though Agile Manifesto was signed in 2001, actual adoption of Agile started getting recognition approximately since 2006 and started becoming mainstream methodology few years later. In this context, it would be worthwhile to check if Agile is also evolving since then or is it limited to the standard Agile/Scrum practices? This session will talk about innovations happening in the field of Agile in the last few years and how the picture would look like going forward. It would cover new trends in the field of Agile and how the field of project management is adapting to it. It would also cover innovative tools, templates & techniques emerging to manage projects effectively in Agile environment.

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Session 22: Life is changing for Leaders in Agile!

people and Leaders are certainly going through this transition. Agile methodology is introducing new roles like Scrum Master, Product Owner, Release Train Engineer, Area Product Owner etc. It also expects leaders to work as Servant Leaders and not work with ‘command and control’ style. With these changes, the role of Functional Managers, People Managers and Project/QA Managers is also changing.

This session would bring out some of these changes & challenges for Leadership community and the trends which would continue going forward.

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Session 21: Change Request for Agile mind-set

For any Agile transformation to be really successful, we need one waterfall method – Change Request. But this is not change request for requirements; it is Change Request for changing the mind-set for implementing ‘true’ Agile environment. The webinar will cover changes that different people and roles (like Leaders, Business Analyst, and Project/Program/Delivery/QA managers) need to go through when their team transitions to Agile environment. The webinar would present various real-life scenarios observed by the speaker, which impacted Agile adoption. The session would present guidelines on building effective mind-set, which fosters Agile environment.

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Session 20: Pull Planning, Lean & Kanban

Many projects managers who manage projects where things changes frequently struggle to prepare and maintain critical path based detailed project schedule. Critical path based planning needs very frequent re-planning and in absence of that schedule remain just a document, schedule rarely reflect the real activities which are getting executed. The push schedule where we expect project manager to allocate activities / tasks to individual require good amount of communication and re-planning and delay in communication or re-planning generates delays in execution, since team waits for instructions. Pull based planning gives a good alternative to manage tasks/ activities.

In this session we will look at what is this Pull based scheduling is all about and how it can be implemented.

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Session 19: Project Execution Plan - Importance & Relevance

The session intends to elucidate the importance and relevance of a documented and well planned execution methodology as an integral part of project execution. This session will deliberate on the objective of Project Execution Plan i.e. to formulate plan and establish procedures in order to efficiently and effectively manage execution.

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Session 18: Leading Agile Transformation

Many organizations are evaluating and adopting Agile project management methodology for enhanced stakeholder satisfaction, improvement in productivity and shorter delivery cycles. Leadership community in such organizations plays a key role in successful adoption of Agile environment.

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Session 17: Amalgamation Of Project Management & Business Analysis - Recipe for Project Success

One would not be surprised to be a witness to finger pointing and a game of passing the buck between project managers and business analysts should the project reaches a point where the objectives are not being met. Such scenarios are not rare in any organization.

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Session 16: Frontier next for Project Management and Leadership

Project management is emerging as a rapidly growing community in India's IT sector. Great project management competencies is critical factor for IT organization, even more critical than the core IT skills. The dependencies are very high on the project management function, the processes.

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Session 15: Path to Leadership

More often, we see project managers asking what should I improve on to become a leader. Well, not all can become a leader. However, Leadership is a practice, similar to project management. The practice requires the person to wear various hats and think differently, in different perspectives. What are those areas, what are those roles a leader has to switch to, what should a project manager do to start practicing leadership along with project management. Lets discuss some areas during this Webinar.

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Session 14: Force of Habit: Seven Essentials for 21st - Century IT Professionals

GoneGone are those days when monolithic IT systems were developed and maintained by exclusive communities of IT professionals confined to technology-savvy regions of the world. The challenges of software engineering during the 21st century are quite different and multifold because of factors such as globalization and technology evolution. In order to face these challenges, 21st-century IT professionals will need to transform successful practices into habits so that these practices become second nature.

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Session 13: Solving People and Performance Puzzle in Agile Teams

Agile is a game of collaboration. The first tenet of Agile Manifesto says 'Individuals and interactions over Processes and Tools'. The Twelve Principles behind Agile Manifesto refers to the people and performance aspects in several places. Particularly, Agile Principles talk about motivated individuals, Self-organizing teams, Sustainable development and Simplicity. Agile practitioners are well aware of the fact that it is the team that makes things happen in Agile. Many agile teams are struggling to get this puzzle of people of performance solved.

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Session 12: How Agile Turns Fragile

Agile project management is an iterative and incremental way of rapid delivery of high-quality software that generates business value and aligns exactly to the needs of the customer. Market survey has shown that 75% of the organizations implementing Agile will not succeed in getting the benefits that they hope from their Agile adoption. This webinar, through practical and real life examples, explores the challenges organizations typically face that make their Agile implementation turn fragile.

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Session 11: Harnessing the Power of Project Management in e-Governance

e-Government is recognized internationally as an enabler toward achieving good governance, reducing cost of operations for the government, and increasing the ability of citizens and businesses to access public services in an effective and cost efficient manner.

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Session 10: Strategic Risk Management for Project Leaders

Risk is part and parcel of any project. Risk identification, analysis and management are the foundations of successful project management. Successful project leaders always do two things very well. First they accept and approach a new project with the idea that the project is totally new irrespective of the fact that there could be similarities between earlier projects handled and also the experience base of the team.Second they go through a systematic and through risk analysis of the project as though there is no tomorrow. These qualities enable them to appreciate the project challenges well ahead and they are invariably ready to face the challenges with suitable actions so that the project objectives are achieved as defined in the project charter.

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Session 9: Effective Communications for Project Success

Project Management is about Managing expectations and communications play an extremely important role in setting expectations. Many studies have shown that communications ranked number one in the reasons for Project Success.

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Session 8: PM as a leader

We often hear about the term leadership and its importance. There is a lot of emphasis on building leadership competencies for various management roles in an organization. There are several books written on the subject and yet the subject continues to be analyzed and is intriguing and of interest to incumbent leaders and successful leaders alike. The session will attempt to simplify the understanding on what leadership is and what it could mean in PM roles that we encounter. We will attempt to define what we mean by leadership. How leadership skills can help in managing projects.

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Session 7: Patient Care - A Project Management Perspective

Alarming rise in chronic diseasesis placing a huge burden on the overall healthcare resources and finances. Presence of a fragmented healthcare, rising costs, inconsistent quality and lack of accountability in care delivery are a few additional causes of concerns.

This situation is unsustainableand calls for developing innovative models of care to achieve acomprehensive, structured, quality-oriented and coordinated patient care that can decrease the overall risk and streamline healthcare delivery system.

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Session 6: Why things go wrong in Projects - Lessons from Government Infrastructure Projects

The Webinar will start with an over view of how projects get organized in 'government' and highlight -

  •     How "government" looks at projects and how the entire process of project planning is organized
  •     Scarce resource allocation vs. some sense of expediency
  •     Various components of government projects such as Government's own Missions and projects, public sector projects, joint venture projects, Public private partnerships etc

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Session 5: Managing Project Work - IT Service Industry

  • It is generally considered that a project, whether from client or by service provider adopts the same project management by PM tenets and executed more or less similarly. No visible difference between for a PM executing project as a client or as service provider - more popularly known as vendor or contractor. This webinar session will bring to focus, how service providers adopt project management in the work and difference with respect to same project undertaken by client PM. Today, services as an industry is growing and they include both operation management aspects and project management elements to be adopted effectively. Many a time PM skills needed as a client organization different from Service Provider PM role. These are different from typical projects executed as a change management.

We shall focus to see how project management can be a competitive advantage-from selection of projects to managing them well. It highlights the value derived out of project success by internal and external stakeholders.

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Session 4: Understanding the Pulse of the Project Management Profession - Imperative for Business Excellence

Understanding the Pulse of the Project Management Profession - Imperative for Business Excellence is based on PMI's Pulse of the Profession, an annual global survey of practitioners and project management leaders. The latest 2012 survey contains feedback from over 1000 professionals across a variety of experience levels and industries. The webinar highlights the value of project, program and portfolio management to organizations. It provides an insight into the project management trends to watch out for this year. The presentation also highlights "What differentiates high performing organizations from their low performing counterparts?" Given that projects are facing an increasingly complex, challenging business environment,

ever increasing global competition and slower growth, the presentation drives home the importance of being more innovative, more efficient, more nimble and more engaged.

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Session 3: You can win by creatively motivating Project Teams

As a Project Manager today, you are often required to deliver vastly increased scope at ever tightening budgets and constantly shortening timelines. Modern technologies and tools do provide you more firepower. However, a de-motivated project team can erode all that advantage.What is the best way you can motivate project teams? The old "carrot and stick" methods no longer work, and using a "one size fits all" approach could be totally ineffective?Creativity and innovation are the need of the hour. In this webinar, we will discuss some innovative ways of using PM Best practices to motivate project teams, thereby paving the way for increasing project success rates.

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Session 2: Value of Project Management

The value of managing a project successfully goes much beyond managing triple constraints of Scope, Cost and Time. Project Management as a competency and discipline is catching the attention of all levels of management, stretching beyond Project Manager and project team itself. This Session will bring to focus, the business value of project success and how project management can be a competitive advantage - from selection of projects to managing them well. It highlights the value derived out of project success by internal and external stakeholders. And helps you determine maturity based on the value derived

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Session 1: Convergence of Cloud Computing & Project Management

India has pioneered, Global Delivery Model (GDM) and has built mature IT Project Management, Program Management and Delivery Management methodologies. Cloud computing is now becoming key element in transforming businesses and IT

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