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Dr. Srini Srinivasan

Regional Managing Director, PMI South Asia

The parameters by which we measure an organization’s success is now being redefined. It is no longer defined by the bottom line alone. We are rapidly moving towards a time when performance metrics will be measured based on three vital parameters – social, environmental and economic. Or what is sometimes known as the triple bottom line.

The goal post has shifted. And reaching the finish line requires a holistic and sustained effort.

So how do we redefine project sustainability – keeping in mind the business, social and ecological impact? How do we go about building a ‘sustainability mind-set’ so that it becomes second nature to us? These are some of the questions that will be raised, discussed and laid threadbare at the 8th Project Management Regional Conference. The Board of PMI Kerala Chapter along with volunteers are working hard to bring you a fantastic line up of speakers to elucidate on the impactful conference theme of Beyond the finish line: towards sustainability

It is my pleasure to welcome you all back to an on-ground event that will be hosted for the third time by the PMI Kerala India Chapter. The conference will be held on 21st May and will offer a fantastic opportunity for you to network, interact in-person with industry experts and peers from various industries. As always, we promise you a fantastic delegate experience! I look forward to meeting you at the event.

Jayakishore S. R.

President, PMI Kerala Chapter & Conference Chair

Hariprasad P. S.

VP - Education, PMI Kerala Chapter & Conference Director

Sindhya Sudheendran

VP - Membership, PMI Kerala Chapter & Conference co- director

Sustainability is an opportunity for growth, value creation and a means to maximize operational efficiency and resource allocation. Sustainability stands at the core of business transformation and helps address some of the challenges resulting from this transition, while stimulating innovation and ensuring success over the long term.

The COVID-19 pandemic is a setback for sustainable development across industries, round the globe.It has impacted all three dimensions of sustainable development: economic, social, and environmental. Lessons learnt from the unprecedented mobilisation and impact of responses to the pandemic can inspire new ways of thinking and help humanity to make a change. It is important to undergo a fundamental shift in thinking and acknowledge the interconnectedness of a prosperous and thriving business sector, society, and a healthy environment. PMI, as for purpose organization, has always emphasised the importance of collaboration to drive shared action and create lasting change. With its global network of practitioners and changemakers across the world; PMI helps address some of the world’s most significant challenges —such as sustainability and climate change.

We welcome you the 8th Regional Conference hosted by PMI Kerala Chapter, scheduled to be held on May 21st in Trivandrum. Embrace this learning experience and a wonderful opportunity to build your network.