Insightful Seminars
PMI Pune-Deccan India Chapter

PMI Pune-Deccan India Chapter has been organizing monthly mentoring sessions and seminars.

On 23 May, former chapter president, Girish Kelkar, spoke on career planning, in which he talked about dream or goal, discipline, communication, and ownership and role management as critical factors that help a professional.

On 1 August, Harish Honwad, chapter vice president, corporate relations, conducted a seminar on “Project Management Best Practice and Quality.” He discussed the need to keep an eye out for project management best practices and tools being used by other organizations, and ways to influence people in “matrix-driven” organizations where team members report to different individuals.

On 6 September, Partha Ghosh, president, Kalyani Steel, Pune, delivered a talk on stakeholder management in which he shared experiences from real-life incidents.

The monthly seminar on 19 September had two invited speakers and was sponsored by Product Dossier. Product Dossier managing director Sandeep Kumar spoke on project management enterprise solutions, and Aditya Sonpipare, an MBA student in energy and environment management at Symbiosis Institute of International Business, Pune, presented a case study on “Estimation of Solar and Wind Potential in Maharashtra using GIS techniques.” The case study was on a project for which Mr. Sonpipare had won an award.

The next seminar was on 17 October, for which the speakers were Mr. Kelkar and Rajarama Rao, chapter vice president -programs. Mr Kelkar spoke on the “nuts and bolts of program management,” the natural progression from a project manager to a program manager, the soft skills a program manager requires, and various tools to be used.

This was followed by a session by Mr. Rao on a new chapter initiative in which there will be open interactive sessions in which the audience can bring up stories on a specific theme. This would provide practitioners a platform to share their work and project experiences.

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