Faculty Development Program
PMI Pune Chapter

PMI Pune Deccan India Chapter conducts various development programs for students and teachers under its academic outreach portfolio for educational institutes in Pune. However, due to the COVI D-19 pandemic, these physical events have not been possible since March. In May, the chapter initiated a webinar series for the faculty and students, wherein sessions are conducted every Saturday.

The following are the sessions held:
In association with PCC OE for the faculty of MCA Colleges, the series covered nine sessions on the significance of project management during disruptive times and agile project management by Makarand Hardas, big data by Kiran Rajeshirke and Mario Rozario, machine learning by Rahul Sudame, artificial intelligence by Vamashi Krishna Tadigotia, internet of things by Anushka Shembekar, and project risk management by Vivek Sonar.

Around 350 faculty members from various institutes in Maharashtra as well as other states like Assam, Jharkhand, and Uttar Pradesh attended and benefited from these sessions. There were interactive activities such as polls and quizzes to keep the attendees engaged. Participants also enjoyed the live use cases discussed by the experts, which helped them improve their knowledge in the specific domain.

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