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Studies and research that prove the importance of project management as a strategic opportunity to bring improvement in business development.

In the constant changing and interrupted world of a business project, program and portfolio management are the links that join strategy to implementation.

While associations and organization refer projects and programs by various names and descriptions, they are significant in the way they bring change and the way they get the work done.

Encompassing these functions, project portfolio management allows professionals to achieve organizational aims and goals through proficient resolution making plans. Portfolio management is both a frame of mind and a skill that keeps organizations determined on priorities and transformation factors.

Since the year 2006, we have graphed the most important trends in project management through our international survey, Pulse of the Profession®.

The 2017 Pulse describes opinions and views of 3,234 project professionals, 200 senior executives and 510 PMO directors from a wide range of industries.

The most recent Pulse of the Profession® witnesses a bright change in the way industries and businesses are controlling programs and projects. It’s surprising to see that for the first time in five years of Pulse of the Profession research, the project success rate of various organizations is drastically increasing.

Determine the activities that organizations are implementing to grow as winners — and champ at — project management.

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Our thought leadership provides information on varied topics to prove the importance of project, program and portfolio management as a strategic opportunity to bring improvement in business development.

Illustrating from our signature Pulse of the Profession research, we observe the key trends that businesses face and the associated actions they carry out to be more victorious.

In the year 2016, we acutely observed into the world of benefits across different organizational levels right from the executive set to the PMO role through to business operations. Where good exercises survive, we exposed them to help organizations reap the proposed value from its project investments.

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  • Funding for new academic research in project, program and portfolio management
  • Venues to present, discover and discuss new research
  • Opportunities to exchange ideas with scholars and advanced practitioners
  • Access to publications, books and papers
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