PMI India Conference 2011 will be held at The LaLiT Ashok, Bangalore from 8-10 Sep 2011.
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Message from V Srinivasa Rao (VSR), Chairman, PM Conference India 2009

The PMI Project Management Conference - 2009 promises to be an exciting event. The conference is the combined effort of all the seven PMI chapters in India, along with PMI Organization Center Ltd (India).

The theme of the conference, Unleash the Power of Project Management for a Better Tomorrow, will help focus on a subject of increasing importance in our country. In India, we waste billions of dollars every year due to mis-management of projects in different sectors. This is mainly because of the lack of qualified project managers to ensure projects are delivered on time and within the budget.

We need thousands of project managers to drive the country on the road to development. The development of a nation is close linked to the transformation of its academia, business, and society. Here, project managers could play the role of change agents, and thereby transform the nation. I strongly believe that PMI can play the role of a catalyst in this journey.

In India, PMI chapters have been largely responsible for advocating project management. At the Project Management Conference - 2009, the chapters in collaboration with PMI India, are creating a platform for project management professionals to learn from each other.

Experts from different sectors will be speaking at the conference. I request experienced project managers, emerging project managers and future project managers to utilize this opportunity to increase their knowledge about project management.

Just a reminder, Project Management Conference - 2009 is in Hyderabad from 13-15 November 2009. I look forward to seeing you there.

Message from Raj Kalady, MD, PMI India

Dear Project Management Practitioner,

The PMI Project Management Conference 2009 is the first of its kind conference in India. It offers a unique platform for you to present your learning, to learn from others, and to recognize achievers. It gives me and the PMI team in India great satisfaction to be able to provide such a platform. This is a conference organized by and for project management practitioners.

All over the world, especially in India, project management has not received full acceptance. The IT industry, which has been one of the first to recognize and embrace project management, is today seeing the fruits of its adoption. I'm sure other industries will soon follow the IT example and get similar results.

What makes project management so important is that it is applicable both in professional and personal life. On the professional front, a project could be an organizational change management initiative, a product launch, opening a new store for a retail chain, market research, a merger and acquisition, or holding an event. On the personal front, a marriage in India is a project, and so is getting admission to a school/college, shifting residence, or planning a holiday. Project management teaches skills that help you irrespective of the nature, cost, magnitude or complexity of the project.

With the way business is changing and management is evolving, the next wave which is upon us is the Projectized Company. To survive in this scenario, we need to have the right skills. Like all other professionals, the project manager of today has to upgrade his or her skills and make learning a continuous process. The conference provides one such avenue for learning.

The organizers (all volunteers) and Team India have been working hard to put together an event that will be worth your while. Going by the responses that we have received so now, the conference will raise the bar for conferences in general, especially for project management. It is an event I would urge you not to miss.

Look forward to seeing you at the conference.

Message from Hirdesh Singhal, Head, Conference PMO

Welcome to the Project Management Conference - 2009.

Project Management Conference - 2009 is one of the milestones in our journey to strengthen the power of project management. The conference will go a long way in advocating project management across industries and sectors in India. The theme of the conference, Unleash the Power of Project Management for a Better Tomorrow, will help us understand the immense potential of project management in the development of a country.

More than two-thirds of projects around the world fail to achieve their objectives. It's no different in India. The 2020 Vision of India as a developed nation will come true only if the success rate of projects improves. Among other factors that contribute to the success of a project, the involvement of qualified and skilled project managers is critical.

In today's world, everyone aims for a fast-track career. The key requirements for career growth are continuous learning, improving one's skill-sets and being competent. We can either learn from our mistakes or from other people's experiences and teachings. The conference provides an ideal platform for practitioners and aspiring practitioners to adopt from the experiences and best practices of others. Typically, our learning comes from our colleagues or friends who are in the same industry or organization. The uniqueness about the learning that the conference offers is in the fact that here it is based on practices that have been successfully implemented. You will be able to implement these practices quickly in your organizations.

Whether it is the opportunity to enhance knowledge from gurus and successful professionals or network, the conference has a lot to offer. The involvement of professionals from different industries who are passionate about project management promises to make it a memorable experience.

Look forward to seeing you at conference.

Team India