Sandeep Bidani and Hanumant Talwar brought their contagious energy on stage. The audience was hooked right from the start when they mentioned that they had stepped out of their corporate careers of 18 years to do something more meaningful –share their learning on how to thrive and survive.

They touched on the important issue of staying relevant in the midst of “Digital Darwinism.” Digital Darwinism is how consumers change their behavior when society and technology change faster than they can adapt.

“Technology is gaining momentum and society and corporates are not able to align to it quickly. It is not about the strongest species that would survive, it is about species that can change. The ability of organizations to adapt to change is the key to success,” said Talwar.

Giving the example of Uber, he said digital transformation is causing business transformation and artificial-intelligence-based tools are helping in scaling up of capacity.

Bidani pointed out that systemic impacts of these changes are big. He gave the example of driverless cars that can lead to big changes like less trauma and increasing life expectancy. Even mindsets of organizations are changing, he said, citing the example of solar technology being used in the walking canes of people with disabilities.

Bidani left the audience with this food for thought: “Do you want to have a digital leader or do you want to make every leader digital?”

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