Practitioners at the volunteer-driven conference formed an immediate connect with young Aarushi Batra, who heads a global volunteer organization for a social cause.

The Robin Hood Army is a group of professionals who collect excess food from restaurants, weddings and other social events, and distribute it among the hungry. Since its inception, the organization has served 9.5 million people in 103 cities across the world. And it has achieved this without raising any funds.

It all started when three friends decided to distribute150 food packets to the needy near a flyover in New Delhi. With that started a social venture that has now grown global. The Robins, as the volunteers are called, now have tie-ups with hotels and restaurants, who give their excess food of the day to be distributed among the hungry. The Robins organise and plan details over WhatsApp, and distribution takes place at identified areas. Talking passionately and proudly of how the Robins are finding success in this initiative, Batra related heart-warming stories of making a difference through food.

The Robin Hood Army has not raised a single rupee. It connects with potential food partners through social media. On how they manage food drives, Batra said, “Everything is on WhatsApp; it’s as simple as that.” Recently, Bollywood star Kajol promoted the Robin Hood Army on Kaun Banega Crorepati, a TV quiz show hosted by Amitabh Bachchan.

Taking this initiative forward, the Robin Hood Army has now started the Robin Hood Academy. Volunteers teach children who do not go to school, serving as a bridge between the streets and schools.
Raj Kalady shared life lessons from an adventurous scuba diving trip to Egypt that enthralled the audience. After a near-fatal experience during this trip, Kalady realized the true value of a strong network. Being in a foreign country with no mobile phone, passport, money, or resources to bank on, he used his network to get out of the situation. He advised delegates to develop strong networks, exit comfort zones, and “ask for help, as it is a sign of strength.”