Brahma Kumari Shivani opened her session by encouraging delegates to visualize an India that they aspire for. She also asked them to introspect about their own aspirations. “Close your eyes, and visualise what kind of lives you would be leading in the next four years,” she said to a packed room.

In a calm and soothing voice, she urged the audience to work towards achieving their personal goals. “Your achievements would reflect on your organization and have far-reaching effects on the future of the country,” she said. Sister Shivani also prodded delegates to take personal responsibility in creating the India of tomorrow.

Talking about the internal capacity to adapt to change, she highlighted the rising issue of mental health and the need to deal with stress and depression to create a happy, healthy, and prosperous India. She asked leaders to ensure that their organizations were workplaces where every colleague is happy to return to work each day.

A healthy division of time between work and family is crucial. Quality time for family should be non-negotiable for a healthy family. She urged delegates to devote time to themselves and their families.

Sister Shivani said that the need of the hour was to create an organization which prides itself on values, ethics, and compassion. The message that India should send out to the world is that India is a healthy, happy and prosperous country. “Leadership is not about the position we hold, but the power we possess,” she remarked.

She spoke about the need for selfmanagement before managing others, to be able to create a shining India.

Even if the measures were tough, they would help reap gains in the long term, she said.