Lessons for Students and Teachers

As part of its commitment to providing value support to schools in the region, the PMI Pune-Deccan India Chapter recently organized a twotrack training event for teachers and students at Pujya Bapuji Salunkhe Vidyalay, Asawali, near Pune.

The faculty development program, attended by 31 teachers from four schools around Asawali village, was held in two parts. While the first half was conducted by the empanelled group of professional educators (Super Power Group), the second half was conducted by Leena Gupte from PMI India, Vivek Sonar from Mahindra & Mahindra, who is a senior chapter member, and chapter volunteers. The first session sought to generate awareness about effective communication, change management, importance of effective feedback, and stress management. The second session focussed on application of project management practices in school projects. Both sessions were conducted in Marathi, the local language.

At the packed first session, the participants chalked out their vision for their school, based on the formula "D x F x V > R" i.e., "Dissatisfaction with status quo x First step x Vision > Resistance." Sandwich-making activity was used to train teachers on constructive, critical and appreciative feedback. The session concluded with a module on stress management, using games and meditation.

The second part of the program was designed to acquaint the participants with project-based learning. Gupte and Sonar delivered the session. The session laid emphasis on projectbased learning and four C’s of learning — communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity. In a very short activity, teachers were asked to come up with a project for the school. This activity gave them insights into risk and stakeholder management. Vidya Chavan, a senior volunteer from the chapter, concluded the session with a quick recap of take-aways along with the distribution of "I will..." forms to note a tangible plan of action for the school. Goodies and gifts were distributed to all participant teachers.

The student track was attended by almost 200 students from Std VIII, IX and X. The program was conducted in two parts. The first part, conducted by the Super Power Group, sought to generate awareness about time management. The second session, conducted by Vivek Sonar, sought to introduce project management as a 21st century skill.

A special workshop on hygiene was arranged for female students. Around 95 girls attended this workshop which was conducted by chapter volunteer Deepti Kshirsagar with the help of co-volunteers Sangita Kanse, Anita Singh, and Prajakta Dhamal-Bhoite. Female hygiene and teenage problems are unspoken issues, especially in rural areas. The girls, who were initially hesitant to voice their doubts, opened up towards the end.

The entire program was well received, and the school principal requested that more such training sessions be conducted in the school.

The chapter is planning follow-up sessions to ensure that the tempo does not flag.

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