PMNC 2017 : Invited Speakers : Project Leadership In A Rapidly Changing World
PMNC 2017

For a project to be delivered on time and within the budget there needs to be a collaboration of resources and timely reviews to ensure that processes are in place.

Nikhil Tayade took the audience through the agile practices that his company follows, and the learnings from these practices.

In September 2016, Woodward Inc. had delivered a project five months later than the scheduled time and At a workshop conducted by Rahul Sudame, delegates got a chance to experiment with project management techniques. He started off by listing three questions a project manager needs to ask before using agile project management techniques: What is agile? How is it relevant to my suffered quality rejections. 500,000 parts per million (ppm) of the automobile parts that they had produced had designs flaws in them, and this was identified at a late stage of the project.

The process lacked control and reviews, said Mr. Tayade. There was no backup plan and departments were not taking responsibility for their work; the design team would blame the quality-check team, and vice versa. Once the loopholes were identified, the management invited 20 stakeholders and held deep-dive meetings for 15 days. The supplier project management office was restructured, and the project was divided into phases, with regular reviews at every milestone. The company witnessed an improvement in on-time delivery from 43 percent to 100 percent.

“After agile, we had a strong collaboration between teams,” said Mr. Tayade, speaking of the benefits of agile practices. Mr. Tayade recommended that when a project comes to the table, the teams must divide the project into parts and create robust baseline schedules for every section of process. At any point when issues arise, they should identity the issues, analyze them and create effective plans and methods to solve the problems. There should be integration between teams and they must start taking collective ownership of the project.

All this, coupled with review meetings by managers after every milestone will ensure successful and smooth completion of the project.