PMNC 2017 : Invited Speakers : Enterprise Agile Transformation – Intuit’S Incredible Journey
PMNC 2017

Rathina Kumar and Rajeev Kumar took delegates through Intuit’s experience in agile transformation since 2007. They spoke about the 12 principles that form the basis for the company’s “agile vision,” such as early and continuous delivery, welcoming changing requirements during the development phase, face-to-face conversation within development teams, and selforganizing teams.

These have resulted in higher employee engagement, quality, predictability, faster time-to-market, productivity, and customer satisfaction. Intuit has featured high in prestigious rankings such as the Fortune World’s Most Admired Companies and Forbes World’s Most Innovative Companies.


It all started in 2012 with the company investing in certified scum master training and adopting scrum for its projects.

The keyachievements in this journey have been developing its own agile practices, agile at scale across its sites, the Intuit agile program, “state of agile” report, agile certification roadmap, “lighthouse teams” to teach other teams, innovation gamification, and agile dashboards.

The speakers recommended the setting up of mission-based teams, which are groups of committed individuals from across the organization who operate according to a team charter under the guidance of sponsors. These teams provide regular progress reports, establish boundaries and timelines, manage risks, and seek agreement for action if boundaries are likely to be crossed or the situation changes radically enough to jeopardize the mission.