PMNC 2017 : Invited Speakers : Leadership Challenges In Manufacturing World
PMNC 2017

The manufacturing industry is ever dynamic, and companies have to constantly innovate to compete in this space. With this as the premise, S. Ganesh Mani sought to throw light on project management techniques to combat challenges that automotive companies in India face.

Some of these threats are changing customer needs, government regulations, technological advancements such as driverless cars, clean mobility, and an ambiguous business environment. “Ambiguity makes it difficult to plan, but project managers can use data to predict trends. They must keep abreast of latest advancements,” said Mr. Mani.

He stressed on the need for responsible leadership, being supportive of team members, evoking passion in the team, and recruiting skilled resources. “The ordinary can be made extraordinary with the right people. Select people with different skills sets and get them to work together. Project managers should not just manage but drive a project,” added Mr. Mani.