PMNC 2017 : Keynotes : Leadership In The Age Of Disruption
PMNC 2017

The disruptions the world faces are such that they have impacted countries, industries, and professions across the board. Mohandas Pai underscored the importance of leadership to manage disruptions and stay relevant.

He called it “leadership by thought” where leaders re-design strategies; “leadership by action” where enterprises draw up new action plans; and “leadership by outcome” where steps taken have a positive outcome for everybody.

“The cumulative impact of disruption today will be more than what the world faced after the invention of the steam engine,” he remarked. To illustrate, he pointed to geo-political, technology, and industryspecific changes that have had a domino effect across geographies and sectors.
He spoke about the transfer of economic power from the West to Asia; demographic changes slowing down big economies and powering new ones; new exploration technology and geo-political changes impacting oil prices and the balance of economic powers; the push towards alternative energy changing dynamics in the energy market; autonomous cars impacting not just the automotive industry but also the insurance sector; 3D printing disrupting manufacturing; stem cell research and big data analytics impacting life sciences; and blockchain technology giving a new flavor to finance services.

Mr. Pai made a strong case for leaders to step up to minimize the negative fallout of disruptions and make it a win-for-all situation