PMNC 2017 : Letter From Chapter Presidents
PMNC 2017

Dear Practitioners

The national conference came to Chennai after a gap of five years. The challenge for the organizing team was to better the benchmark set by the 2012 conference we had hosted.

The organizing team did meticulous planning and worked hard to provide an unparalleled experience to the delegates. The track leads pitched in with the planning and execution of their corresponding tracks. We used WhatsApp effectively for communication between the teams.

The three-day blockbuster event had more than 800 delegates from various parts of the globe. Eminent leaders from different walks of life shared their experiences with the delegates.

We introduced novel ideas such as a session of Gallup’s CliftonStrengths assessment for early bird registrations – which was the first time that it was organized for such a huge conference – and a dedicated “agile track,” which were sell-out sessions.

From the feedback we have received, it is clear that the delegates had a wonderful experience. The main reason for this success is the team of volunteers. I would like to thank each one of them for their dedication, commitment, and excellence in executing the conference. This level of dedication would not have been possible without family support. So on behalf of the PMI Chennai Chapter board, I’d like to thank the families of the volunteers too, for their support. As someone said, organizing these conferences is like an addiction. We are already looking forward to organizing the next national conference. Magizhchi!


Dear Practitioners

On behalf of the conference committee of the Project Management National Conference 2017 and PMI Trivandrum, Kerala Chapter board, it is my pleasure to thank all the delegates for their participation in the Chennai conference. It was encouraging to receive compliments from delegates and fellow chapter leaders on the quality of volunteering, value delivery, and hospitality.

The project management community came together to listen to thought leaders from a variety of industries, who shared their valuable ideas on how project management can make a big difference in “Powering India’s Global Leadership,” which was the conference theme.

Congratulations to all the award winners. I’m sure that the award will serve as an encouragement to repeat success in all their future projects.

The whole credit for the success of the conference goes to the volunteer leaders and PMI India staff who tirelessly put in hard work and sacrificed their family time for the preparation and execution of the conference. Finally, I thank PMI India managing director Raj Kalady for giving us this wonderful opportunity to organize the conference.