Project Management in Capital Projects in Pharmaceutical Industry
Dipen Shroff

Project Management in Capital Projects in Pharmaceutical Industry

In India, the growth and achievements of the pharmaceutical industry in the past five decades have been phenomenal and rated as one of the highest among developing countries.

The pharmaceutical industry carries out a wide range of activities as projects such as drug discovery, novel process for manufacturing existing products, drug delivery, and new technologies

Project management instils discipline and accords a distinct structure to the project, he added. He called for highlighting the efforts that go into building heavy industries and not just focusing on the announcement of a project. “China gives importance to infrastructure and heavy industry. They highlight the efforts that go into building heavy industries. While the Western world is moving away from heavy industries, we are dependent on them,” he said.

On risk management, he cited the example of Médecins Sans Frontières, the international, independent, medical humanitarian organization that is stressing on project management to ensure its workers do not get killed while carrying out their services.

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