IBM Sharenet Focuses on Project Complexity
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IBM Sharenet Focuses on Project Complexity

IBM invited PMI to support its internal project management event, IBM Sharenet, on 10 April. The theme of this event was “Complexity in project management.” The event was hosted across six locations with around 900 practitioners participating. IBM Sharenet also connected practitioners across all major locations of IBM India and the Philippines.

This year, IBM Sharenet was kicked off from Pune by Adesh H. Gokhale, director, delivery excellence, IBM. He highlighted the changes in the business landscape, and technologies, and how project managers and organizations need to adapt to this change. He also spoke about how the IBM Delivery Excellence team is helping in this journey of complexity to simplicity.

Mr. Gokhale also launched the “DE on Mobile” application, which will send out alerts to the sector leadership and IBM senior management on early warnings, the status of ongoing escalations etc. to their smartphones.

The participants also got an opportunity to watch a video address from Rajesh Nambiar, general manager, global delivery, IBM, on the transformation journey that IBM has undertaken to address complex projects in the CAMSS (Cloud, Analytics, Mobile, Social and Security) arena. He emphasized that project managers need to continuously equip themselves with agile project management techniques and skills as complex projects are here to stay.

The next video address was from. Nabanita Khan, director, application development & innovation, IBM. She also spearheads the globally integrated capabilities organization’s complex program management capability development initiative. Ms. Khan gave an overview of the Global Business Services (GBS) definition of the complexity categories and the roadmap for the development of this best-of-breed Complex Program Management (CPM) capability across IBM global delivery centers.

Raveendran Kasthuri, vice president, integrated operations, IBM delved into the need for project managers to pursue operational excellence in projects and how the need of the hour is “simple project managers” who follow the basics to manage complex projects.

18 short-listed papers were presented across six locations and nine videos were played. The participants evaluated evaluate & rank these papers and videos. Three paper winners were awarded from each of the six locations.

The external speaker for the event was Radhakrishnan Pillai, author of the books Corporate Chanakya and Chanakya in You.

We also had Sudhin Nandi, executive engineer, Government of West Bengal in Kolkata and Raghuveer Gadiraju from Tech Mahindra in Hyderabad, who shared their experiences in handling projects of high complexity, as our external speakers.

There was also a virtual presentation by Deborah A. Dell, who is part of the IBM world-wide project management center of excellence team. She shared the team’s focus areas for 2015, including enablement and capability build for Complex Program Managers.

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