Leveraging the Science and Art of Project Management
PMI India

Project management is as much about scientific management practices and hard data as it is about the art of managing relationships and communication. The art of project management revolves around inspiration, communication, team building, leadership, and empathy. A project manager needs to employ a variety of skills to navigate a project through its lifecycle and take it to its logical end.

A project is a success, if it combines the art and science of project management with a supporting ecosystem.

India has a mixed record in terms of project success with a large number of projects going into cost and time overruns. With the launch of the Make in India initiative by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, there is an urgent need for organizations to improve their project management capabilities and ensure higher repeatability and predictability of success.

PMI India and the Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) have come out with a set of recommendations to improve India’s project track record.

PMI and FICCI have identified the top three critical areas to reduce the gap between the as-is and to-be states to create a conducive project environment in the country. The three areas are:

  • Framework and implementation plan for continuous improvement in quality of stakeholder engagement and risk management in large projects;

  • Need for nodal agencies to monitor project execution and provide support for on-time completion, especially to intervene when projects run into problems and to pick up signals for proactive action in future;

  • Training and tools for enhancing organizational project management capabilities, especially in the government sector for project monitoring and organization for project execution.

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