Networking Meeting
PMI Pearl City, Hyderabad Chapter

A networking meeting was held on 1 July that included a guest speaker, chapter updates, and a rewards and recognition program, followed by a networking dinner. The guest speaker slot was used to conduct a workshop on Featureban, a simple Kanban simulation. P.V. Suman Kumar, who is an enterprise trainer and coach for agile approaches for project management, conducted the workshop. During this session, members got an understanding of how to compare the techniques of Kanban, scrum and agile approach. Members participated in game-based learning, called ‘The Scrum Penny Game.’ Key takeaways from the game were:

  1. Smaller batches mean more value is delivered and workers spend more time working concurrently. Also the first value is delivered earlier to the customer.

  2. Removing impediments helps deliver more value without the team working any longer. They become more efficient.

  3. Prioritizing high value work improves value delivered to the customer even though the team works for the same amount of time.

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