Project Management Symposium

Project Management Symposium
The chapter conducted a symposium on big data analytics and its adoption for next generation products and services on 25 March. After a welcome address by chapter vice president, Shyam Bhavsar, several speakers took the dais.

Patanjali Somayaji, co-founder and COO, Walnut, spoke on the four ‘Vs’ of big data – velocity, variety, volume, and veracity. Highlighting the role of big data in personal finance, he said consumers can track their spending through a personal finance management mobile app that securely analyzes SMSs sent by banks for credit card and debit card transactions.

In the next keynote, Prashant Pansare, managing director, Inteliment Technologies, spoke about the science and art of big data analytics for project professionals. He said that in this ‘digital steroids age,’ technology and network are the new oxygen for people. He discussed the role of big data and ‘data in motion’ in product and project forecasting in key industries.

M Taher Borsadwala, senior vice president, fintech, data governance and data management, iNautix Technologies, delivered an ‘elevator pitch’ on data analytics. He explained the four stages of data analytics – descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive. In the second ‘elevator pitch,’ Mayur Umbarkar, director – analytics, KloudData Inc., talked about competitive advantages of big data analytics in healthcare.

Rajnesh Kumar, vice president, operations and general manager, India operations, Entercoms, Inc., shared case studies from aviation, oil, and high tech industries that show how big data analytics is bringing down the cost of services and products and making them better and faster.

Kiran Rajeshirke, delivery manager, Teradata Corporation, talked about challenges in big data implementations in terms of business understanding, architecture, and deployment options.

Mr. Rajeshirke, Mr. Borsadwala, Mr. Umbarkar, and Mr. Kumar also took part in a panel discussion on “Data analytics – The disruption in the making.”

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