Letter From Conference Chair
Parvez Alam M


Dear Reader,

As I reflect on the 15th Project Management South Asia Conference (PMSAC23), I’m filled with great satisfaction on what we achieved in the 2-day summit.

Our conference theme, “Innovation in Action: Connecting Humans and Technology,” resonated with our speakers and delegates. Speakers delved into the dynamic interplay between human ingenuity and technological advancements in the field of project management. Over the course of the conference, we explored how emerging technologies, data analytics, artificial intelligence and human-centric design are reshaping project management methodologies and unlocking new horizons.

What made PMSAC23 truly exceptional was the sense of community and collaboration it fostered. Our networking sessions and collaborative activities facilitated enriching dialogues, sparked innovative ideas and nurtured lasting partnerships. These connections will extend beyond the conference, leaving a legacy of shared knowledge and collaboration that will continue to drive progress.

I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude to each participant for their unwavering enthusiasm and insightful contributions. Your presence enriched the conference, and your engagement was integral to the vibrant discussions that took place. Our collective efforts have not only advanced project management practices but have also set the stage for a more prosperous future.

Thank you for being a part of this remarkable journey. I encourage the continued impact of the innovative ideas and connections forged during the conference.

Warm Regards,

Parvez Alam M
Conference Chairman, PMI Chennai Chapter