Knowledge-Sharing Sessions
PMI Chennai Chapter

After two years of the pandemic, the chapter’s professional development activities restarted with a face-to-face session on 28 May, along with a curtain-raising event to mark the 20th anniversary celebrations of PMI Chennai Chapter. Professor G. N. Radhakrishnan, visiting faculty at Indian Institutes of Management, Visakhapatnam and Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai, talked about “Anger Management” and laid out some practice steps to help regulate emotions.

On 25 June, the chapter conducted back-to-back knowledge-sharing sessions at the Engineering and Construction (E&C) Forum.

Thulsiram Govindan, an expert in the subject of gasinsulated substations, shared insights into the power of these substations. Prem Kumar, co-founder and director of OptiSol Business Solution, discussed life lessons and his experiences being an entrepreneur in his “Entrepreneurial Mindset” talk.

On 27 August, the chapter conducted an online knowledge-sharing session on “Principles of Contract Management.” The session saw a discussion on the scope of a contract, pre-contract management, preparation of the contract, and post-stage contract management.