PMI Bangalore Chapter

PMI Bangalore India Chapter organized a monthly knowledge-sharing webinar called ‘PM Footprints.’

The following sessions were conducted during the webinar:

On 8 January, Rajesh Rathi, managing director of Control Infotech, India and US, delivered a session on ‘Industrial Automation Project Management’. He spoke about the challenges of integration of plant operation to achieve a superior performance via different building blocks.

He further highlighted the limitations of minimal testing possibilities.

On 12 February, a session on ‘AI in Health-Tech’ was presented by Pradeepta Mishra, head of AI, Fosfor, L&T Infotech. Mishra shared insights into integrating the health industry with modern technologies like AI, saying that it will help in health monitoring, diagnostics and prevention, and disease prevention and management to a great degree with R & D and logistic readiness.