Conference Testimonials
PMI South Asia

What Our Esteemed Speakers and Delegates Have to Say

We have received highly encouraging responses from the conference speakers and delegates. The positive feedback speaks volumes of the hard work and commitment of the conference hosts towards ensuring quality content and replicating the in-person experience in a virtual environment to provide great value to our delegates.

This has been one of the best conferences I have attended in years. Congrats to the organizers and all the speakers. It is worth waking up at 4 am in Ohio. Thanks for including me.

Thank you for the help in making the session a flawless one, and for the plant as a gift, which was a thoughtful gesture. It was a pleasure to speak at the PMI South Asia Conference and also listen to many eminent speakers.

I could see a lot of appreciation for my presentation while I was delivering it. It was quite encouraging to have such an enthusiastic audience. The conference was well-organized, and the coordinating team was very professional. Congratulations on holding a successful event.

It was my pleasure to address the group, and thank you for the invitation. I was thrilled to see plants as gifts, and appreciate the gesture immensely. Keep up the good work.

It was an honor and privilege to be a part of the event, and participate in the discussion. I would like to thank the entire team at PMI for this opportunity. I look forward to having a continued close association with PMI on our path towards growth and achieving our goal of making construction more efficient and sustainable.

The session by the ‘Risk Doctor’ was one of the best sessions in this year’s event. Thanks for the effort you have put in to make this event a great success.

Thank you for organizing such a wonderful two-day webinar. It was really informative and interesting.

A salute to the PMI Bengaluru team for organizing a great event, and specifically to the event anchors, Koushik Srinivasan and Monika Muddamshetty. The sessions were diversified and informative. I would love to attend such sessions again in future. Thanks and congratulations to the PMI Bengaluru team.

Kudos to the organizers, speakers, sponsors, and the audience for a great two-day event.

Each member of the volunteering team did a great job, and displayed amazing organizational skills to conduct an event at this scale.

A job well done by the PMI Bangalore Chapter and the PMI India family. Keep up the great work!

It was a very well-organized conference. The conference platform was seamless and user-friendly. Needless to say, the sessions were informative and relevant.

The event was well-presented, and the quiz was interesting. The moderators were good at staying on schedule and communicating clearly.

Thanks to the PMI Bangalore India Chapter for the two-day event, which led to many key takeaways.