Letter From Conference Host
Muktesh Murthy

I am really happy and proud as we recently concluded the PMI South Asia Conference 2021 that had over 600 paid registrations and attendees from across the world. The theme was “Embracing the New Normal.”

The last two years have been very turbulent and challenging, to say the least. These are unprecedented times and the rate of change of all factors including people, environment, social, and psychological has been very fast, scary and unpredictable.

 We have all experienced a lot of hardships and difficult times and we were never prepared for it.

The conference was organized by the PMI Bangalore India Chapter, and ably supported by all other chapters from India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka.

We at PMI thought the PMI South Asia Conference is an apt medium to bring people on to a single platform where we will understand more about what we did to address the “new normal.”

We had eminent speakers and panelists who attended from all parts of the globe. We used a collaborative platform called Airmeet that allowed participants to attend the sessions, view sponsor booths, and network.

Yes, it is not like an in-person event, but the feedback we received from speakers and participants was very good and encouraging.

Warm regards.

Muktesh Murthy
Past President, PMI Bangalore India Chapter