PMI, NASSCOM Put the Spotlight on Citizen Developer
PMI South Asia

PMI recently joined the global movement on no-code/low-code and citizen developer with a handbook and a foundational course to guide professionals in citizen development. In December 2020, PMI joined hands with India’s premier industry association, National Association for Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM), to understand the potential for citizen development and how the two organizations can promote it.

On 4 December, PMI co-hosted a virtual roundtable with NASSCOM in which 12 leaders from the technology sector shared their thoughts on the opportunities and challenges in adopting no-code/low-code platforms. They also highlighted the role that PMI can play, such as to create a body of knowledge on citizen development, certifications and a maturity model for organizations, and facilitate knowledge sharing.

The roundtable started with PMI president and CEO Sunil Prashara and PMI South Asia managing director Srini Srinivasan setting the context for the discussion. They spoke about the growing demand for citizen development and PMI’s plans to become a catalyst in this regard. Alwin Magimay from FTI Consulting provided a perspective on how citizen development will fill the talent gap in software development and accelerate business transformation.

The speakers who contributed their views at the roundtable represented companies such as Google, Microsoft, NTT, Ericsson, Global Logic, Genpact, HCL, Tech Mahindra, UST Global, and Nokia.

They brought into focus some of the key issues facing the adoption of no-code/low-code platforms, such as poor governance and security, and the lack of standards and unclear job responsibilities, for example who is responsible for maintaining a software that has been created by a business user using a no-code tool. The leaders see PMI as a knowledge creator and a catalyst that can use its expertise and influence in the industry to provide direction to citizen development.

The roundtable discussion was followed by a series of talks on the sidelines of the NASSCOM Product Conclave 2021 from 11 to 13 January. The discussions were moderated by Narendra Bhandari, senior vice president and general manager, Persistent Systems. The talks with three experts brought to light some real-life use cases of no-code/low-code development from around the world.

Suresh Sambandham, CEO, Kissflow; Rajoshi Ghosh, co-founder, Hasura; and Dave Garrett, chief strategy and growth officer, PMI, spoke about the opportunities that no-code/low-code platforms present for enterprises, startups and professionals. Kissflow is a software-as-a-service company that pioneered no-code/low code platform when it was not recognized as a category. Hasura is an open source product company that allows developers to create instant application programming interfaces to pull data from different sources.

The experts believe that the demand for no-code/low-code platforms and citizen developers will grow as businesses undergo digital transformation. It will enable companies to work with limited software talent and speed up their transformation. It will also be a game-changer for smaller companies who cannot afford engineering talent to meet their needs.