PMI India Awards
PMI South Asia

The annual PMI India Project of the Year awards were given out across two days this year. Here is a snapshot of the winners and runners-up of 2020.

● The project objective was to enhance the power generation in Jammu & Kashmir that suffers severe power shortage.
● A transmission line that passes 11 districts of J&K, impacting over 12.5 million lives.
● Enables over 1,000 megawatt of power exchange between J&K and the Northern Grid, increasing capacity by more than 70 percent.
● Reduced the region’s dependence on expensive fuels.
● Project covered by National Geographic Channel under its ‘extreme engineering series’.

● Tight project schedule of around 25 months, including the handover of facilities.
● For the first time in its history, the company managed offshore installation work inhouse, engaging its captive facility.
● Completed the project 10 days ahead of schedule.


● Setting up a brownfield project in a space-constrained refinery in the heart of Mumbai.
● Project was completed six months ahead of schedule and within the approved project cost.


● Addressed the issue of water security, and achieved economies of wastewater reuse.
● Curbed the nuisance of untreated water polluting natural water resources.
● Generated income for the local municipal corporation by way of royalty from the supply of treated water.


● Manufacturing of 41 pump packages and delivery as part of an export contract.
● Despite technical issues, the products were delivered to the customer ahead of schedule.
● Achieved the cost target and additional savings.
● Established a new benchmark in manufacturing large-sized (BB) pumps in the organization.

● Developed a ‘Google like’ search engine for customer service representatives to answer benefit-related queries.
● Over-achieved the success criteria and achieved 40 percent operation efficiency.
● $37 million savings generated due to cost reduction.

● Developed a new functionality called Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) autonomy to help bring down cost and schedule overruns.
● The system can help reduce the time taken to enter the market and cost when an OEM wants to make a change in the application software.

● Has helped create awareness about breast cancer among women living in slums in 25 locations in Mumbai.
● Used project management tools and techniques to execute the project.
● Used social media for creating awareness and building the database of prospective patients, and applied data analytics and artificial intelligence.

● Over 100,000 children in the age group of 0-6 years with developmental delays require early intervention services.
● About 67 percent live in rural and semi-urban areas where no such services are available.
● Amar Seva Sangam provides mobile phone-based services to this section of the population.

● Reintegration of dropouts/ irregulars from 57 villages to help them continue their education.
● Early childhood education and care to 3,153 children.
● More teachers assigned to 31 schools that did not have sufficient teachers earlier.