Skills in a Post-COVID World

PMI Mumbai Chapter and PMI Czech Republic Chapter joined hands to initiate a virtual chapter exchange program on 29 May. The program aimed to improve collaboration in the time of social distancing and take our virtual connections to the next level.

Four panelists from the two countries discussed the burning question: “What are the key skills of project management in the COVID-19 era and beyond?” The panelists were Petr Janis, founding partner,; Michal Jauker, head of Project Management Office, Raiffeisen Bank; Satish Mittal, head of ExpressWifi, Facebook; and Chintan Oza, advisor, Lloyds Ventures.

The speakers kept the audience of 112 project managers engaged throughout the one-hour discussion. They spoke about the urgency to adopt new tools and methods, and ways of working amidst the fear of losing jobs. They highlighted a number of key skills that a project manager needs during a crisis, such as adaptability, listening, and communication.

Managers today need strong facilitation skills, empathy, and ability to keep people motivated while they are handling all the pressure of the new and unknown. Online collaboration tools will stay; digitalization of processes will be accelerated; and social media and instant messaging will replace emails as they are more interactive and offer faster communication.

The panelists also discussed new ways of working by incorporating agile practices in daily project management, such as daily timeboxing, 15-minute standups, and frequent customer demonstration of partial deliverables. The experts recommended revising the competency portfolio of practitioners so as to make room for plan B and plan C in a future where uncertainties are likely to continue.