Common Ground Webinar Series
PMI India

PMI India launched the Common Ground webinar series, which is a curation of knowledge-based virtual events to give professionals an opportunity to learn from subject matter experts from different fields.

The series that kickstarted on 2 May takes place every Saturday at 4:30 pm IST. Each of the webinars has had around 750-1,000 attendees. PMI certified professionals can earn PDUs for attending these sessions.

You can watch these recordings on our YouTube channel. For future Common Ground webinars, enroll here.

We had volunteers, Koushik Srinivasan from PMI Chennai Chapter and Monika Muddamshetty from PMI Pearl City Hyderabad Chapter who have been ably moderating these webinar sessions.

Pankaj Rai spoke about the need to reinvent oneself to survive and thrive in the post-Covid-19 world. He elaborated on what he called the ‘5C Framework’ or the five skills that will be in short supply in future – compassion, conviction, creativity, curiosity, and communication.s

Scott Ambler provided an introduction to PMI’s Disciplined Agile and how it applies to a post-COVID-19 world where project managers will need to respond quickly to changes around them.

Sujan Roy laid down 13 steps to stay relevant and deliver what is expected of an individual. Explained through personal anecdotes and stories, he highlighted the importance of keeping the fire in the belly burning, knowing what to prioritize each day, choosing what to care about, going beyond the comfort zone, being wellread, and writing down one’s dreams.

Dr. Deepa Bhide spoke about being on the frontline of the fight against Covid-19, which she termed a “healthcare hurricane that has hit all the cities at the same time.” She highlighted the importance of resource planning and management, motivation, and ethical considerations and dilemmas in the healthcare sector

Suman Ghose threw light on how the human body and mind react to change, and the need to find one’s own coping mechanisms. He took the help of theories and books by experts of this subject to provide answers as to why human beings behave in a certain manner and what they can do to respond better to external stimuli.

Lt. Col. (retd.) L. Shri Harsha spoke about ways to manage stakeholders better. He identified different personas in a team who affect the way a team functions, such as a surprise springer who hides information or a blocker who places hurdles on the way, and what strategies must one possess to manage such behaviors better.

Radhika Vachani reminded participants that though the current situation is unsettling because of the uncertainties, nothing in the physical environment is permanent. She urged participants to take a step back and not let the negativity surrounding us affect them. Instead they must understand the connections between our mind and physical state, and know how to stay positive and mindful.