PMI Kerala Chapter is continuing the ongoing education support initiative under PMIK-UDAAN, started in June 2019. The chapter is mentoring members of Pallium India that provides palliative care to people to improve their employability.

A survey was conducted to understand the support required at the next level. Since most of the children had taken Malayalam as their medium of instruction in school, the chapter felt the youngsters needed to improve their English communication skills. Hence, it organized an English communication workshop on 24 February at the Pallium India office in Thiruvananthapuram.

The chapter now wants to extend further support in the form of communications for the workplace, soft skills, and guidance for aptitude tests to enhance their employability.

Here is the story of a young man who has benefited from the chapter’s interventions. Clintu, a higher secondary student, is under palliative care after he became paralyzed from the waist down after an accident. As he was unable to continue his education, Pallium India requested chapter volunteers to offer his special support. In spite of severe disability that makes even moving his fingers difficult, Clintu has learned photoshop and other software tools with the guidance of chapter volunteers. The chapter has now presented a laptop to him so that he can pursue a career in computer-aided skills.