PMIPCC launched a unique volunteering opportunity called Friends of Farmers (FOF) as part of a strategic partnership with the National Institute of Rural Development & Panchayati Raj (NIRDPR) and the Federation of Farmers Association. As part of this nationbuilding initiative, PMIPCC volunteers will provide their expertise to define and manage village development projects. The volunteers will start with Gummadidala village in Sangareddy district of Telangana to turn it into a model village.

A core committee has been formed consisting of PMIPCC President Madhav Reddy, Vice President Venkata Reddy, senior faculty member Mohit Mathur, Yelisetty Naga Saujanya, P. Changal Reddy, honorary chairman, Federation of Farmers Association, and volunteers Mohammed Sattaruddin, Kanchana Rajeshwari, and Srikanth Jonnala. The committee will work on creating a program with several projects for empowerment, health, environment, and recreation to make Gummadidala a model village.

PMIPCC volunteers have visited the village several times to understand the existing infrastructure, and interacted with village heads, gram panchayat representatives, farmers and women’s groups, and shared information on various government schemes. They also conducted a survey of the village households to understand the demographics better.

Meetings with key stakeholders are also being organized to understand and plan for setting up solar power and cold storage facilities, enhancing tourism, creating self-sustainable women’s groups, connecting village manufacturers with urban consumers, and organizing sports meets and skill development programs for the village youth.