Championing Entrepreneurship in India
PMI India

Project Management Regional Conference in Kolkata puts the spotlight on the need for an entrepreneurial mindset in today’s digital economy

Entrepreneurship has taken on a new meaning in recent years. Whether you are starting a new business or working as part of an organization, a highly valued attribute is an entrepreneurial mindset. Professionals need to imbibe the qualities that make a successful entrepreneur, including an innovative mindset, being a self-starter, and having an agile attitude to accommodate changes as you go in today’s highly disruptive business environment.

PMI has identified the Project Management Technology Quotient (PMTQ) as a must-have skillset for today’s project professionals. PMTQ is “a person's ability to adapt, manage, and integrate technology based on the needs of the organization or the project at hand.” PMTQ can be further broken down into the following three skills:

1. Always-on curiosity, or the attitude to be always on the lookout for new approaches, ideas, and technologies to solve problems at hand.
2. All-inclusive leadership, or the potential to not just manage people but also champion capability development in project teams.
3. A future-proof talent pool, or investing in a project team with the digital skills needed to take an organization in the right direction.

PMI’s sixth Project Management Regional Conference in Kolkata on 18 April focuses on the need for project professionals to develop the entrepreneurial mindset along with PMTQ. The conference, centered on the theme, “Project management in entrepreneurial innovation” will delve into the project management skills needed to succeed in today’s digital economy.

The conference will also focus on the leadership skills prescribed under the PMI Talent Triangle that are critical for businesses. No project – whether it’s constructing a bridge, bringing a new product to the market, or developing a new software – can succeed unless the project team brings leadership, and strategic and business management expertise along with technical skills.

The conference will feature industry leaders and senior project practitioners who will provide insights on the capabilities project leaders must develop to succeed in today’s business environment. Entrepreneurship is only partly about an innovative idea; execution of the idea and taking it to the market on time are equally important for success. Delegates will learn how they can add value by incorporating technology, business, and project skills to achieve the intended outcome even as market conditions continue to change.