Startup Pitches
PMI India

Founders of six startups went on stage to pitch their business ideas to a panel of experts. Here is a summary of the innovative business ideas.

Ambee: The startup wants to make data on air quality easily accessible to consumers, health researchers, developers and others who need that data to make informed decisions. It claims to have the largest and most accurate air quality data in Asia. The company has installed over 100 sensors to capture and relay data in real time. Ambee then layers that data with other data and creates heat maps. Consumers can freely access it through the company’s mobile app. The company earns revenue from selling the data to data aggregators, insurance companies, healthcare providers, and others. 

Urban Kisaan: The venture that runs modern farms close to the homes of consumers wants to redefine the term ‘fresh food’ and provide consumers access to harvest directly from farms. A consumer can walk into a farm and order fruits and vegetables growing there. The company calls itself a holistic, hyper-local farm based on hydroponics, a method of growing plants with mineral nutrient solutions instead of soil. It uses proprietary nutrient formulations to achieve optimal plant growth, optimized designs to enable more crops to grow in less space, indoor lighting techniques, and IoT and data to manage farming conditions efficiently. 

Anvayaa Kin Care: The venture seeks to meet the needs of a growing elderly population in the country that lives on its own. Launched in Hyderabad, Bengaluru, and Chennai, the company provides all-around care to elderly people who live independently. Services are not limited to medical emergencies, but also small requirements such as fixing a light bulb or accompanying someone for a movie. It takes the help of a tech-enabled platform to match care-givers to the elderly looking for help. It has a network of 2,700 ambulances and 2,000 doctors, and has supported around 850 families. 

Shanrohi Technologies: The company provides automotive workshop management solutions. Through its platform, Ramp, it aims to streamline the automotive aftermarket industry across the country from parts acquisition to repair. Vehicle owners, fleet operators, garage owners, and insurance companies now have access to a technology platform that gives them access to complete information about the maintenance of their vehicles. Through this, the company provides validated information and thus seeks to bring in more transparency and trust in the auto aftermarket industry. 

Travel Spoc: Though there are a large number of travel agents, there is no common platform to bring their expertise together. Travel Spoc is a one-stop shop where tour operators can showcase their tour packages and travel products. Travellers can then choose which package or product suits them the most. It offers these services through an online portal on which travellers can look for flights, hotels, activities, and travel services to meet different needs. 

Nano Health: With the rising prevalence of lifestyle-related diseases, preventive healthcare is becoming increasingly important. Nano Health offers companies wellness, disease management, and acute care solutions for employees. The company analyzes the health information of employees, creates risk profiles, and recommends preventive programs or interventions. It provides dashboards that a company’s managers can use to measure factors such as employee productivity levels and medical claims being made.