Sohan Roy finds a mention in the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest snake boat design, a tribute to his creativity and efficiency. He strongly believes that efficiency can take organizations far — something that he has tried successfully in his own company.

Mr. Roy attributes his success to a tool called the efficiency improvement system management. “Today, we can measure the efficiency of every individual in our company. We can measure every day’s efficiency. I know what was my efficiency yesterday, so my target is to improve myself. When every individual is improving, the company is also improving,” he said.

He spoke of how his group increased its profit margin by almost 30 percent because of the efficiency management system that identifies every drain hole and plugs it. “We were spending Rs. 100 and selling our product for Rs. 110. We reduced expenses from Rs. 100 to Rs. 90, and over time, to Rs. 70.”

The increase in margins occurred despite employees following a 240-hour-a-month work schedule, down from 300 hours.

Mr. Roy believes that efficiency can even take the Indian currency to the 1947 levels when $1 was equal to Re 1. He said India’s potential is its human resources, with every individual being a project manager and every event a project. “What we need is to club the hare and the tortoise. If we can transform every Indian into a hare-toise, this project is possible. But who will take the lead?” he asked.

“If we can train every individual as a project manager, India will change. That is my dream, and I invite you all to join this drive,” Mr. Roy added.