When someone asks a project manager what she or he does for a living, the answer should be "I make ideas a reality," says Tejas Sura.

But between the idea and reality lie challenges. Speaking of his interactions with project managers globally, Mr. Sura said, “One common thing that comes up is that virtually every organization is faced with the challenge of digital disruption. As project managers, we need to drive our way through this era of digital disruption. We need to find different ways to innovate.”

He cited data from a podcast by Dr. Michael Chui, an expert in artificial intelligence (AI), to drive home the point. He says that 50 percent of the activities people do today can be replaced by technology.

Quoting from PMI’s 2019 Pulse of the Profession® report, Mr. Sura urged project managers to cultivate the Project Management Technology Quotient (PMTQ) to successfully deliver projects. A lot will depend on how project managers adapt to new technology and integrate it in their projects.

He suggested three ways to do it. One is to be curious and find different ways to do things. Two, develop all-inclusive leadership where technology comes within the project managers’ ambit. Three, create a future-proof talent pool where the team is constantly upgrading itself with new technologies.

A recent report by Accenture predicted that between 2018 and 2022, investments in AI and human-machine collaboration could reduce wastage and boost revenues by an average of 38 percent.

This is important considering that almost 10-12 percent of the amount invested in projects of organizations worldwide, and 16 percent in India, goes to waste.

He spoke about the need to engage executive sponsors, align projects with organizational strategy, and exercise control over scope creep for better project success.

On PMI connecting digital transformation to its 50th year celebrations, Mr. Sura said, “PMI is helping organizations to navigate change. We are helping organizations to make sure that transformations are successful and that we are empowering people to make ideas a reality.”