A networking meeting of PMIPCC members was held on 26 April at Cyber Conventions. More than 150 chapter members attended the meet.

Mr. Srinivas Maram, policy and program officer, Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs, Canada, spoke about “How to Lead When You Lack Authority”. It was an interactive session.

The chapter included a session on ethics to bring forth some common concerns on the subject. The speaker was Dr. Deepa Bhide, a committee member of the Ethics Member Advisory Group, PMI. Members also learned that the ethics chapter of the Project Management Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct is now available in Telugu. The ethics chapter was translated by some enthusiastic members of PMIPCC. The meeting concluded with a session on “Disruptive Practices in the Construction Industry” by Prof. Malla Vijayeta from the National Institute of Construction Management and Research, Hyderabad. The chapter donated the leftover food from the meeting to Robinhood Army that distributes food to the needy.