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Contribution to the Community Award

PMI India has established a number of awards to recognize and honor contributions to the Institute and for achievements in the project management field. PMI India administers the PMI India Project Management Awards Program. This document contains the information and process to be used to submit nominations for PMI India's "Contribution to the Community" Award.

This award recognizes and honors significant voluntary not-for-profit initiatives undertaken by organizations towards improvement and well-being of the community. The organization must demonstrate application of Project Management principles in delivering the community development project.

Organization. May be a business, a not-for profit organization, government agency or any other entity that undertakes pro bono project(s) that contributes significantly to the social good.

The pro bono project must be completed in India in the calendar year 2011.

Not Eligible
  • Current PMI staff, contractors and/or consultants, are not eligible for this award.
  • Acts performed under contract to PMI, directly or indirectly, will not be considered.
Number of Awards
Only two "Contribution to Community" awards (winner and runner up) will be given. Each nominated entry is evaluated and ranked only against other nominees under the same award category described above.

The Awards committee reserves the right not to select a recipient for a particular year for this category if the review performed indicates that nominations do not meet the stated criteria.

Evaluation Criteria
The project being nominated should be for a social cause. These project achievements or performances may be in local, regional, or national communities. The project team may consist of PMI® members, employees of other organizations, or volunteers from some other nonprofit organization. Specifically, the nomination packet should contain proof or information that the following criteria were satisfied:

Criterion 1: The application of project management principles resulted in a measurable improvement in the social well-being of a particular community and benefited the people who delivered the community service. Documentation must be provided as to how the principles of project management were applied.

Criterion 2: The pro bono project had a positive impact on the quality of life within the community.

Criterion 3: The contribution or performance made a significant contribution to the well-being of a community.

Presentation of the Award and Recognition
The Winner and Runner up of "Contribution to the Community Award" will be presented at the PMI India Conference (28-30 September 2012).

The award will be publicized through PMI communication channels and external media after the presentation of the award. PMI India will acknowledge the Winner and Runner of the award at specified PMI events and also through their e-magazine - Manage India and PMI Today.

Recipients of the "Contribution to the Community Award" Winner and the Runner up will be presented the award at the PMI India Conference (28-30 September 2012). The Project Manager or a person designated by the project team should be available to receive the award.

Nomination Package Guidelines
Nomination Package Format and Rules
  • There are no prescribed PMI forms for this award.
  • Nomination packages that exceed the stated page counts (see Nomination Package Content) will not be evaluated.
  • The nomination package must be in English.
  • Electronic submissions will only be accepted.
  • All the documents submitted should be converted to a pdf non editable format. All the different documents being submitted should be packaged in one compressed form like for e.g. WinZip etc. and so a single compressed entity will be uploaded.
  • Nomination packages that are incomplete or are received after the submission deadline will not be reviewed.
  • By submitting this package, the nominator has given or obtained permission to use the submitted copyrighted materials in PMI® public relations and marketing activities.
Nomination Package Content
The nomination package consisting of no more than ten (10) pages must contain the following:
  • A cover letter that identifies all materials and documentation contained in the nomination and that ensures that the documentation meets all requirements
  • Description/documentation of the contribution or service for which the organization is being nominated
  • Category for which the nomination is being considered
  • Entity delivering the community service
  • The community being impacted
  • Description of the identified need within the community
  • Project or work accomplished
  • Type and amount of resources dedicated to the project (time, budget, etc.)
  • Project principles used
  • Dates and durations of the effort
  • Synopsis of the work, including a 50-word paragraph summarizing the accomplishment, which will be used in publicity should the nomination receive the award
  • Copies of any articles or media attention received as a result of the competition of the project, or any other form of community verification or acknowledgment of the service
  • A document that identifies the pro bono project and provides documentation as to how the principles of project management were applied to provide humanitarian support.
  • A document that provides information regarding the number of people involved and their level of involvement.
  • A document that provides proof or information that the criteria stated above were satisfied
  • A document that addresses the following (if the nominator is not part of the Project Team):
    • Personal knowledge of the nominees pro bono act(s) or contribution(s)
    • Length of association with the organization nominated.
    • Type of relationship with person nominated (e.g., component member, business associate, etc.)
    • Frequency of communication during the nomination period
  • Statement of recommendation for the award
Nomination Procedure
The nomination process will be in 2 steps
Step 1: The nominee will submit 'Initial information' about the nomination before May 31, 2012 online on the PMI Conference 2012 website using the link http://feedback.html/conference2012/awards.initial.asp.

Step 2: The selected nominee will submit the application in specified format in nomination form before August 5, 2012

Nominator Eligibility and Restrictions
  • Self-nomination (by the lead nominator who could be the project manager or any person designated by the project team) is permitted on behalf of the organization.
  • The lead nominator must:
    • Ensure that there are no restrictions on the use of submitted information and that permission has been obtained for the use of copyrighted materials included in the package
    • Assemble all supporting materials
    • Submit the nomination package
Nominator Submittals
Nomination packages must be received before August 5, 2012 and must be submitted at the PMI Conference website.

The lead nominator should submit the artifacts by uploading the same in the PMI Conference 2012 website (the link will be shared with those lead nominators whose nomination has been shortlisted for the final round). As stated earlier it should be one compressed object that needs to be uploaded to the website.

Verification Process and Selection
  • The Awards Administrator will send the nomination packages to the designated panel of reviewers, who are subject matter experts within the PMI® membership, for evaluation who will also verify the nomination(s) eligibility and that the nomination package meets all criteria.
  • The lead nominator will be notified of the status of the nomination at the conclusion of the evaluation process.
  • The evaluation process and notification shall be completed by August 31, 2012.
General Terms and Conditions
Applicant must agree that:
  • The nomination package will be completed in close conformance with the established format.
  • All necessary clearances, releases, and permissions needed for public release of all submitted materials will be obtained in writing.
  • Expenses will not be reimbursed for assembling the nomination package or for any presentation materials that may need to be created should the project be selected as the winner.
Additional Information
Any queries pertaining to this award should be sent to clearly mentioning "Contribution to the Community Award" in the subject line.

The decision of the designated panel of reviewers will be final.

In case the panel of reviewers feels that none of the individual submissions meet the minimum standards as stipulated in this web page, the award will stand cancelled and no Winner and / or Runner up will be announced.

Key Deadlines

May. 31, 2012 Last date for submission of initial information about the award nomination
Aug 5, 2012 Last date for submission of final nomination in the specified application format
Aug 31, 2012 Selection of the Project of the Year Award 2012, Winner and Runner-up

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