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Best Project of the Year - Long Duration (More than 3 years)

PMI India has established a number of awards to recognize and honor contributions to the Institute and for achievements in the project management field. PMI India administers the PMI Professional Awards Program. This document contains the information and process to be used to submit nominations for PMI India's "Project of the Year" Award.

This award recognizes and honors a project team that has delivered superior results through exemplary application of project management principles.

Projects of any size from everywhere in India are encouraged to participate. PMI affiliation is not necessary. Any project that is perceived as having effectively applied project management principles and techniques is eligible to submit for judgment provided that:
  • The project has an approved scope, schedule, and budget.
  • The project is essentially complete in the calendar year 2011 and has been accepted as complete by the Client/Owner prior to nomination.
  • Permission is obtained for the use of copyrighted materials included in the submission.
  • Research or development projects, which may contain proprietary or confidential, technical, or commercial information, must be publicly disclosed by owner.
  • Project management to be completely done in India and at least 75% of the project execution to be done in India.
  • The project duration for Category A - Project of the Year are sub-categorized as under :
    Long Term Duration - More than 3 years
  • The nominated project must have been successfully completed using processes and approaches consistent with A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide - Third Edition or later). That consistency must be clearly delineated in the submitted materials. (Note: To purchase a copy of PMI's A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge, visit PMI Marketplace at
  • The project should be located anywhere in India, and may be from private or public sector work. The project manager and/or team directly responsible for the project must also be located within the boundaries India.
  • The project may or may not have won awards or other recognition from other professional associations.
Number of Awards
A winner and Runner up will be identified out of the nominations received.

Evaluation Criteria
  • Met or exceeded Owner/Client's needs as evidenced by a letter from the Owner Client.
  • Met or improved on budget and schedule performance when compared with original established budget and schedule goals.
  • Demonstrated originality and uniqueness of applied project management techniques, including innovative application of practices/methods.
  • Exhibited technical aspects and advancement of the project management profession through effective application of the nine (9) PMBOK ® Guide Knowledge Areas.
  • Demonstrated complexity of the project and unusual conditions, issues, and barriers requiring special management team action and performance.
Presentation of the Award and Recognition
Recipients of the Project of the Year Award and the Runner up will be presented the award at the PMI India Conference (28-30 September 2012). PMI India will acknowledge the Winner and Runner of the "Project of the Year" award at specified PMI events and also through their e-magazine - Manage India and any other PMI Publications. The Project Manager or a person designated by the project team should be available to receive the award.

Nomination Package Outline
Submittal Requirements
Nominations must be concise, yet contain enough information to adequately represent the project. Submittals shall not exceed twenty (20) pages, plus supporting documentation (i.e., work breakdown structure, organization charts, etc.) not to exceed ten (10) additional pages. Submittals shall be in English. All the submissions will be in electronic form only.

All the documents submitted should be converted to a pdf non editable format. All the different documents being submitted should be packaged in one compressed form like for e.g. WinZip etc. and so a single compressed entity will be uploaded.

Contacts for securing peripheral project information by the judging committee should be identified in the project application. The release or clearance of such peripheral materials should be provided by and will remain the responsibility of the nominating group.

In addition to other details below, the submittal must contain:
  • Written consent/support by owner and/or client recognizing the submittal of the project and stating that the project has been accepted as complete.
  • A written agreement of relevant stakeholders to assist in preparing a Showcase Project article to be published in PMI Publications.
The document must contain contact information of the project manager, primary contact within the organization, and primary contact of sponsoring company including contact name, address, phone number, and e-mail address.

Project details

The submittals should address concisely, and in detail, the eleven (11) categories listed below.

General Information and Project Team

1. Project Specifics
Important: Type or print Project Name, Owner/Client, and Project Team exactly as you would like it to appear on the award.
  • Name and location of the project.
  • Name of owner/client supporting the project team. Include mailing address, phone numbers and email addresses.
  • Name of the business of the project team/members. Include mailing addresses, phone numbers and email addresses for project team/members. Provide an overview and/or description of the project team including the roles and responsibilities of the project manager.
2. Supporting Project Documentation
The nomination package may include not more than ten (10) additional pages of supporting documentation. Examples of supporting documentation include a work breakdown structure chart, project organization, approved and completed cost curves, schedules, etc.

3. Project Performance
Summary of Project: Provide a general description of the project including complexity of the project and unusual conditions, issues, and barriers requiring special management team action or performance. Please attach drawings and photographs, if available, to illustrate the scope of the project.

Special Management Methods: Summarize why the management of project is distinctive, innovative, or original in the application of project management techniques. Comment on the application of practices and methods and any marked improvements of methods, lessons learned, and/or products during the course of the project. Describe how these methods advance the technical values and image of the project management profession.

Owner's Satisfaction: Provide written evidence on corporate letterhead that the management of the project exceeded the owner or client's needs. Evidence should address tangible as well as intangible benefits of the project outcomes, project management best practices or contribution to the organization.

4. Project Integration Management
Briefly describe how project integration management was considered and implemented. Briefly explain how overall project changes were managed and controlled.

5. Project Scope Management
  • Project concept and objectives.
  • Scope statement including cost, schedule, and performance criteria and work breakdown structure
  • Management plan and control systems
6. Project Time/Schedule Management
Briefly summarize the project schedule including delays, if any, including legitimate causes such as change in the scope of service, owner's requests, and market response.

Original Date Actual Date
Project Defined
Client Approval
Project Closeout

A copy of the "approved" planned project schedule versus the "actual" planned project schedule is recommended as part of the supporting documentation to the nomination package.

7. Project Cost/Resource Management
Explain how the project budget was met or improved. State the original budgeted cost for work/product/research and the actual cost of work/product/research.

8. Project Quality Management
Comment on total quality management of the project including philosophy, quality assurance and quality control (provide attachment).

9. Project Human Resource Management
Provide a general description of how the project members developed into an effective team. Identify the individual(s) and their roles outside the project team who directly affected the project.

10. Project Communications Management
Briefly identify the major audiences of the project. Discuss the communication techniques and conditions to communicate the project to those audiences especially in special or unusual situations. Attach written materials and photographs, if available, showing community information/relationship of the project.

11. Project Risk Management
Identify external and internal risks to the project and how the project management and/or team mitigated the issues.

12. Project Contract/Procurement Management
Identify contract procurement and acquisition procedures. Comment on the administration and control methods.

Nomination Procedure
The nomination process will be in 2 steps:
Step 1: The nominee will submit 'Initial information' about the nomination before May 31, 2012 online on the PMI Conference 2012 website using the link http://feedback.html/conference2012/awards.initial.asp.

Step 2: The selected nominee will submit the application in specified format in nomination form before August 5, 2012

Nominator Eligibility
The nominator should be the Project Manager or any person designated by the team to participate in the nomination process.

Nominator Submittals
The original nomination should be uploaded for evaluation not later than August 5, 2012. The lead nominator should submit the artifacts by uploading the same in the PMI Conference 2012 website (the link will be shared with those lead nominators whose nomination has been shortlisted for the final round). As stated earlier it should be one compressed object that needs to be uploaded to the website.

Verification Process and Selection
The Project Of the Year evaluation will be done by an "at-large" panel of judges, established by PMI India / Organizing committee.

Two nominations will be selected as the winner and Runner-up of the "Project of the Year" Award. Selection will be made by August 31, 2012. The awardees will be communicated the results of the Competition by the organizing committee. Formal announcement of the winner shall be made at the PMI India Conference event (28-30 September 2011).

General Terms and Conditions
Applicant must agree that:
  • The nomination package will be completed in close conformance with the established format.
  • All necessary clearances, releases, and permissions needed for public release of all submitted materials will be obtained in writing.
  • Expenses will not be reimbursed for assembling the nomination package or for any presentation materials that may need to be created should the project be selected as the winner.
Additional Information
Any queries pertaining to this award should be sent to clearly mentioning "Project of the year Award - 2012" in the subject line.

The decision of the designated panel of reviewers will be final.

In case the panel of reviewers feels that none of the individual submissions meet the minimum standards as stipulated in this web page, the award will stand cancelled and no Winner and / or Runner up will be announced.

Key Deadlines

May. 31, 2012 Last date for submission of initial information about the award nomination
Aug 5, 2012 Last date for submission of final nomination in the specified application format
Aug 31, 2012 Selection of the Project of the Year Award 2012, Winner and Runner-up

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