What categories of Awards have been instituted by PMI India?
- Project of the Year - Large
- Project of the Year - Medium
- Project of the Year - Small
- Project of the Year - Contribution to Community
- Project of the Year - NGO

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What do each of the categories mean?

Project of the Year

The primary criteria for classification as Large, Medium or Small will be the actual cost of Project. However, if need be, the applicant's project may be re-classified by PMI keeping in mind data furnished on project time-line and effort.

Project of the Year - Contribution to Community (CSR)

A project or program or similar initiative which is managed by a corporate body or organization as part of its initiatives towards Corporate Social Responsibility towards improvement and well-being of the community.

Project of the Year - NGO

A project or program or similar initiative which is managed by a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) / not for profit / non-profit body or organization as part of its projects or operations. This category excludes the initiatives undertaken by corporate bodies or organizations as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities.

Who is eligible to apply for 'Project of the Year' award?

Any organization which has completed a project between the period 1st April 2016 and 31st March 2017 can apply for an award. The application for the award has to be made by a member of project team or a representative of the organization.

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PMI affiliation is not necessary. The project may or may not have won awards or other recognition from other professional associations.

What is the nomination and award process?

The process of evaluation will be in two stages - Preliminary and Final. The award applicant or nominee's project team member or representative will need to furnish information online using the nominee registration page. Those applicants who qualify at the Preliminary stage will be considered at the Final stage. At the Final stage, the applicants have to furnish more detailed information through a web link provided to them. For each category of award there will be a winner and a runner-up. However, the jury in the final selection process depending on the quality and merit of the submissions may decide to not select a winner or runner-up. Their decision is final. There is no limit to the number of projects each applicant can submit.

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Is there an application fee for the awards?

There is no application fee for applying to any of the PMI India Awards.

Who selects the winners?

A panel of volunteer evaluators who are experienced practitioners and have successfully demonstrated project management expertise evaluate the submissions at both the Preliminary and Final stage. An eminent panel then selects the winner and runner-up from the Final stage shortlist.

Who administers the PMI India Professional Awards Program?

The program is administered by PMI India along with 'Leadership Team for Awards'- (LTA) which is a volunteer group comprising of senior project practitioners from project management community in India.

When and where are the awards presented?

The awards will be announced at the PMI India National Conference to be held at Chennai in September 2017.

How does it help your organization and project team members to apply for an award?

The award process involves evaluating the credentials with regard to various criteria such as project management practices, innovation, contribution to the community etc. For any organization this will mean re-visiting many of their existing processes and practices and can therefore be a basis for further improvement. Team members who work on the application process get an exposure to criteria and best practices followed for excellence in projects which they can replicate in their future work.

It can also help bring visibility to your organization's processes and practices and benchmark with the peers in the industry. Further, if your nomination qualifies for an award, it will be matter of great pride, honor and public recognition for your organization and project team.

What are the benefits of winning an award?

The 2016 PMI India Awards Program is the 8th year in the running for PMI India - it is well recognized by Industry, Government and project practitioners as the most prestigious award for the project management community in India. Besides great visibility, it is a fitting acknowledgement to the winning organization for their valuable contribution to the project management community and profession.

While there is no cash prize for the award, the project team representing the award winning organization will be invited and publicly honored during the National Project Management Conference to be conducted by PMI India at Mumbai in November 2016. Award winners will be invited to showcase their project briefly through an audio visual format at the National conference in the presence of conference delegates.

In addition to the above, the award winners get tremendous media exposure and get promoted across various media channels as follows:

What is suggested profile of an award applicant?

The award applicant could be a sponsor, a senior member of the Project team viz. equivalent of Project Manager, Program Manager, Project Director or a senior representative of the organization or an NGO or the CSR division of the organization.

Who gets the award if organizations are applying for it jointly or partnering with others?

If application is done jointly by one or more parties then the parties have to decide amongst themselves as to whom the award should be presented. If such information is not available or not furnished then the award will be presented to the sponsor of the project. This will also apply if organizations are applying for the same project, based on their involvement in it as a vendor /contractor or joint owner.

Explanatory notes for details to be furnished in the application

Planned & Actual Start Dates:

The start date for the Project will be the date of the Project Charter. If such a document or equivalent does not exist in your organization then the date of the following documents can be taken as a basis for stating the start date:

Applicant needs to provide both the Planned and Actual Start Date of the project.

Planned & Actual End Dates:

The end date of the project will be when project close-out has been completed and all activities on the project have been closed out. This will be after the completion of following:

Applicant needs to provide both the Planned and Actual End Date of the project.

Approximate number of people who worked on the project:

Applicant needs to provide the approximate number of people who worked as part of the project team. This includes the contractors, subcontractors and members of outsourced parties and service providers who were involved in the project.

Cost of the Project:

Applicant needs to provide the Budgeted Cost as planned for the project during its business case approval and the Actual Cost incurred in completing the project.

Short Summary:

Applicant for Project of the Year award category can provide an abstract of the project indicating the salient features with regard to objectives of the project, and how they achieved it.


A sponsor is the person or group who provides resources and support for the project and is accountable for enabling success. The sponsor may be external or internal to the project manager's organization.

Effort of the Project:

The "effort" includes the efforts of the project team as well as contractors (subcontractors) or outsourced parties / service providers and is the number of labor units required to complete the project, often expressed in hours, days or weeks.

Project Management Effort:

It is the number of labor units required to complete the project management of the project, often expressed in hours, days or weeks.

Success Criteria:

Specific objectives / goals that need to be achieved for the project to succeed. These are often quantified by measurable project objectives.

Any other Additional Information you would like to provide, which is not covered above?

Applicant can provide any other additional information which they would like to furnish which is not falling under the category of questions listed on website and/or when information which needs to be provided exceeds the word limit.

Whom do I contact for more information?

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Important Dates
17th April, 2017
Last date for submission of preliminary information about the award nomination
22nd May, 2017
Announcement of shortlisted nominations at Stage I - Preliminary stage
13th June, 2017
Last date for submission of shortlisted award applications in the specified application format for Stage 2
26th July, 2017
Announcement of shortlisted nominations at Stage 2 - Final stage
07th August, 2017
Announcement of shortlisted nominations at Stage 3 - Final stage
16th September, 2017
Award Ceremony - Project Management National Conference 2017