Earning Credentials
Do I have to be a CAPM, PMP, or a PMI Member to apply for other PMI credentials

No. No one credential serves as a prerequisite for another. You also do not have to be a PMI member to apply to become a credential holder.

How do I earn a PMI credential?

To obtain a PMI credential, you must first meet the eligibility requirements outlined on http://www.pmi.org/Certification.aspx and detailed in the respective credential handbooks. Listed is the information for 3 of PMI’s certifications.

CAPM http://www.pmi.org/en/Certification/~/media/

PMP http://www.pmi.org/en/Certification/~/media/

PMI-ACP http://www.pmi.org/en/Certification/~/media/

Then, you must pass the credential exam.

Why Choose a PMI Certification?

You may have seen other project management certifications. What makes PMI’s special?

Our credentials:

Are flexible. PMI certifications are not based on one specific methodology, so they’re flexible and adaptable. You can easily transfer them between industries, market segments and geographic locations.

Keep you up-to-date. PMI continually conducts in-depth studies to ensure that our credentials actually reflect the current skills, knowledge and best practices you need to succeed.

Encourage professional growth. You never have to worry about a PMI certification becoming obsolete. Our certification maintenance program requires you to earn professional development units (PDUs), which encourages you to continually develop your skills and stay current as the profession changes.

Help you get ahead. PMI certification offers financial benefits — The PMI Project Management Salary Survey — Seventh Edition shows that certification positively impacts project manager salaries — and helps you stand out and better market yourself to prospective employers.

Are renowned throughout the world. Part of that marketability comes from the prestige of PMI certifications. PMI has provided project management certifications for over 25 years, and our PMP® credential was the first one designed specifically for project managers. Also, the quality of our certification governance is an advantage to those or earn or seek one of our certifications.

Learn more by downloading our “What Sets PMI Certifications Apart” brochure by clicking on this link.There’s no doubt that a PMI certification opens doors to success. Decide which PMI certification is right for you.

When do I have to renew my CAPM credential?

The certification cycle for the CAPM credential is five years. During the fifth year of the cycle, you move into a renewal period of one year. During this period, you must re-take and pass the exam (before your credential expires).

Are Professional Development Units required to renew my CAPM credential?

No. You simply re-take the exam which includes PMBOK® Guide updates that have occurred over the last five years.

What are the benefits to renewing my CAPM credential?

The CAPM credential acknowledges the professional dedication of individuals who contribute to project teams from many different perspectives. You maintain your credential by studying PMBOK® Guide updates thereby assuring your employer that you have stayed current in your knowledge of project management.

How do I renew my CAPM credential?

The CAPM Handbook details the steps for credential renewal. Please consult the handbook.

How do I renew my CAPM credential after it expires?

If your CAPM credential expires and you wish to renew, you will have to go through the full application process again as though you are a new candidate. Please consult the CAPM Handbook for details on the application process.

What is the difference between my CAPM renewal period and my CAPM exam eligibility period?

Your renewal period starts 12 months before your credential expiration date. This is the fifth year of your CAPM certification cycle. This means that if your certification cycle began on 15 September 2007, your renewal period begins on 15 September 2011. You must apply for renewal and pass the exam by 14 September 2012. Your exam eligibility period is always one year, during which you may take your credential exam a maximum of three times. If your credential expires during your one-year exam eligibility period, you may still test but you do not need to complete the full application as is required in the initial CAPM application submission.

General - Information about PMI Credentials
Will newer PMI credentials dilute the PMP or other established PMI credentials?

No. PMI's credentials reflect different roles in project and program management, and therefore, are suitable for different candidates. The certification web page http://www.pmi.org/Certification/Which-PMI-Certification-is-Right-for-You.aspx can help you determine which credential is right for you. For additional details you can refer to respective handbooks of PMP, CAPM and PMI-ACP (links provided in earlier question)

Once I pass the exam or evaluations, what next?

You may refer to yourself as a credential holder although your certificate package can take six to eight weeks to arrive in the mail. Please refer to the "Use of Your PMI Credential" section of the handbooks for more details. Now that you are a credential holder, you need to adhere to PMI’s Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR) program. To follow the program, participate in professional development activities to earn professional development units (PDUs) and maintain your credential. You also can start making plans for maintaining your credential by familiarizing yourself with the Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR) program.

What are Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR) for PMI credentials?

Every credential requires a specific amount of PDUs per three-year certification cycle. Since the requirements are different for each one, visit their respective pages to find out more, or read the CCR frequently asked questions.

Project Management Professional (PMP)®

PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)®

The exception to the CCR program is the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)®, which requires you to retake the CAPM® exam before the end of your five-year certification cycle.

Filling Application
How do I complete the application?

All credential applications are available online. Click on the "Apply for a Credential" button on the respective certification web pages. Please note that any missing information on the application will delay processing.

What supporting documentation should I send with my application?

When submitting an application, you do not need to send documentation. However, you will be required to send supporting documentation if your application is selected for a random audit.

Audit Process
Why does PMI conduct application audits?

PMI conducts application audits to confirm the experience and/or education documented on credential applications. The purpose of the audit is to enhance the credibility of the certification program and of the credential holders. For each credential, a specified percentage of applications are randomly selected for audit.

Audit Time
How long does the audit process take?

The certification audit team processes audit materials within one week upon their arrival at PMI. Once PMI reviews and approves audit materials, PMI will send an e-mail containing your eligibility code and exam scheduling instructions.

Document Verification
What is the best way to send audit materials to PMI?

You can send your completed audit forms, depending on where you live, by regular postal mail or express courier service, to either address below. PMI will not accept faxed or emailed audits documents. Please send all materials at one time, or in one envelope, to expedite the processing time. PMI Attn.: Certification Audit 14 Campus Blvd. Newtown Square, PA 19073-3299 USA

Are audit materials confidential?

Yes. Audit materials are strictly confidential and are not shared with any external organization unless required through legal action involving PMI.

Does PMI return the original audit materials after review?

No. PMI retains the original documentation according to its internal auditing procedures.

Credential Exams
How do I schedule a credential exam appointment?

Once you are eligible, PMI will e-mail you examination scheduling instructions with your eligibility code which you will need when scheduling your exam. You can schedule your exam appointment online or by telephone. Full details can be found in the credential handbook and within the examination scheduling instructions.

Where will the examination be given?

All PMI computer-based exams are offered at all Prometric Testing Centers worldwide. You can check for locations on Prometric's website but you will need to have submitted your credential fees and received your examination scheduling instructions in order to schedule an exam appointment.

What is the exam like?

Credential exams consist of multiple-choice questions. The amount of questions on each exam varies and the amount of time you are allotted to complete the exam also varies on the credentials for which you are testing. Please consult the credential web pages and credential handbooks for details.

Are the exams offered in different languages?

The PMP and CAPM exams are translated into 10 languages. Please consult the respective credential handbooks for details. Other credential exams are not currently translated, but PMI will notify you when translations are available.

If I fail the exam, can I take it again?

If you fail the exam on your first attempt, you can re-take it two more times within your one-year eligibility period. Fees are associated with re-examination. Details for re-examination can be found in the credential handbook.

What happens if my eligibility expires and I have not taken the exam?

Your application is valid for one (1) year from the date of approval. If you allow your eligibility to lapse, you must re-apply.

Educational Qualification
If a certificate states educational hours in units, how will PMI translate this information to meet the contact hours of education required for credential eligibility?

Contact hours are the actual amount of time a candidate spends receiving instruction in project management or any of the 5 knowledge areas of project management. For example, if a candidate takes a 1-day class that last 8 hours and provides instruction in project management, the candidate earns 8 contact hours. Contact hours are not equal to PDUs. Additionally, test candidates cannot obtain PDUs; they can earn contact hours only. Candidates can submit any class, seminar, on the job training, online training, and distance learning classes whose learning objectives include project management or any of its domains. Independent study and PMI chapter meetings are not accepted for the contact hour requirement.

If an in-house course did not issue a certificate, what type of verification will PMI accept?

PMI will accept a letter of completion from the course administrator, HR department, or manager on company letterhead to verify that the course was completed.

If a course was completed at a PMI Registered Education Provider (R.E.P.), can PMI contact them for my certificate?

No. Audit candidates must contact the PMI R.E.P. directly for the necessary verification.

Will PMI accept a receipt or course roster as educational verification?

No. This does not provide any information relating to completion of the course.

If a bachelor's degree was listed on the original application but the candidate has since been awarded a higher degree, is the former degree necessary to include?

The former degree is not necessary.

Will PMI accept a school transcript to meet the degree requirement?


Are photocopies of education certificates of completion sufficient or does PMI require the originals?

Copies of your certificates are sufficient. PMI recognizes that your certificates are important to you. Therefore, PMI suggests that you send copies of the originals be sent. PMI cannot guarantee that original certificates will be returned.

Exam Dates Help
Am I penalized if I cancel my exam within two days of the appointment?

If you cancel your exam within 2 days of the appointment, you will not be able to reschedule it at this point and you will forfeit the entire exam fee. If you are still within your eligibility period, you can schedule another exam appointment but you will have to pay the re-examination fees.

A prep course advises students to take the exam immediately after completion of the course for the best chance of a passing score. Is it necessary to pass the audit in order to take the exam?

Yes. Certification candidates selected for an audit are expected to complete the audit process before they are provided eligibility for the examination.

Will PMI call a local testing center to hold a testing spot?

PMI will not communicate with any Prometric Testing Center for the purpose of reserving a testing seat. Candidates are not able to reserve testing appointments until they have been granted eligibility for the examination. Eligibility is not granted until the audit is completed. Without an eligibility letter, the only information that a testing center may provide is whether a testing date or a particular test site is near or at capacity. If you need to locate a testing center near you, visit Prometric's website.