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Mumbai branch manager
NTT Communications India

“I’m the first PMP member from Japan in Mumbai, and I’ve learnt a lot about project management at the conference. I was interested in knowing about Indian projects and the role of government. Japan and India have similar issues and I was keen on understanding how Indian project managers resolve project-related problems.”


ITIL Manager
Samvardhan Management Consulting

“I really enjoyed the networking opportunities. Some of the speakers were really good. The way the keynote speakers connected with the audience was amazing. This was also a good platform for me to collaborate with peers. Moreover, this was a good way to learn new aspects of this business. Some of the sessions have added value that I can apply in my life and work.”


vice-president and director
Africa Education Programs, Washington D.C

“The organizers had done a very good job by putting up some really good presentations by exceptional speakers whose sessions were based on real experiences. The conference provided the platform for resolving any obstacles in a project at work or life otherwise. It also provided a forum for new project managers to understand different aspects of project management. I wanted to gather information on setting up a program manager’s office and I found the session by Nilofer Darabary very informative.”

deputy general manager
Oil and Natural GasCommission (ONGC)

“The sessions were highly informative. We gathered a lot from the experiences of the speakers and the case studies they highlighted. It was inspiring to hear about ways to develop individual personalities, and how that could help in project execution. The session on how L&T plans and executes its projects was insightful since ONGC is an L&T client.”

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