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The PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry launches workshops on ‘Project
management for all’ in association with PMI




New research indicates project management skills, including the ability to effectively execute projects and identify and manage project risk, will be some of the most sought after skills over the next five years.
PMI’s PathPro® helps you identify these skills so you will be ready next time someone asks “Why should we hire you?” PathPro is the only project management career tool based on the extensive research of project managers and the skills that lead to success.

PMI conducted research with more than 5,000 project, program and portfolio managers and used results from this research as the basis for developing the skill and project profiles  used in the job descriptions.

PMI’s PathPro can be accessed using PathPro®, an online tool designed to help you navigate the career framework/the career path, review the full list of skills and competencies, and conduct a self-assessment against the data.
PathPro provides the tools and resources necessary to identify employee strengths and weaknesses and implement a project management career ladder.

The job descriptions have the following key components: project, program and portfolio management skills mapped to job descriptions, and identified levels of proficiency for each skill.

PMI members and credential holders can also use a practitioner version of the tool. It allows end-users to view sample job descriptions and assess themselves against those job descriptions.

PathPro® is available at no cost to PMI members, holders of PMI credentials and organizations. If you are a PMI member or have a PMI credential, you do not need to register with the system. Use your PMI.org account information to login immediately.



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