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The network meeting of the PMIPCC conducted on March 19 at the Microsoft campus in Gachi Bowli announced the names of the members of the new board Updates on the Chapter Outreach Program with the PMIWDC and the International Student Leadership Day (ISLD) were also given during the event.


The key note speaker was Microsoft’s Senior Director, IT, Ms. Meher Afroze, who gave new insights into ‘Communication and Project Management.’ The final debate was on ‘Project Management and Community Development With Regard to Farming Community.’


The last EXECOM meet for the year 2009-10 saw good attendance from the members of PMIPCC’s new 15-member board. The lunch meeting in Begumpet, Hyderabad, discussed strategic plans for the new financial year.


Strategic Service Units were realigned to reflect the vision of the chapter better and cater to the main stakeholders such as academia, business & civic society/community. The portfolios of the newly-constituted board members are as follows: Academia—led by Mr. Suresh Chandra & Mr. Mahesh Gaddi, Business—led by Mr. Madhav Reddy, and Civic Society (Community)—led by Mr. Sudhindra Neela. The chapter operations will be led by Mr. Arunkiran Ponnekanti, while sub units under the main strategic units will be managed by all the other board members.


The Annual General Body Meet for 2010-2011 to be held in May 2010 will include the introduction of the new board to the members and a financial update from the Treasurer.


Future plans of the chapter as as also the future plans of each SSU will be revealed to the members as well. A rewards and recognition ceremony will also be conducted on the day.


(Contributed by: Arunkiran Ponnekanti, Executive Board Member, and Secretary General PMIPCC, in charge of Communications and Branding Operations)


PMI Pune-Deccan India Chapter organized two seminars at Cummins Auditorium on April 10. The seminars included topics like current trends in IT- enabled solutions in disaster management services, and building more effective cross-cultural distributed teams. The seminars were spearheaded by Dr. Parag Mankeekar and Dr. Urvashi Rathod respectively. Dr. Mankeekar, a medical doctor and anthropologist covered a social software gaming area, wherein he discussed a peace building and culture-sensitive game named ‘Real Lives’ developed by Neeti Solutions.


He also discussed the various trends and opportunities in IT, helping business in a social environment.


The second seminar discussed how factoring in cultural characteristics of team members helps in building more effective cross-cultural distributed teams.


This was conducted by Dr. Rathod, a Ph.D. in software engineering from BITS, Pilani.

(Contributed by: Shyam Bhavsar, PMP, Marketing & Communications Director PMI Pune-Deccan India Chapter)


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