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  In the extremely demanding world of data center operations, players are discovering the myriad benefits of applying project management principles. This win-win situation sees the customer delighted, and the service provider laughing—all the way to the bank.  

Every day is a happening day at a data center. Especially so at third-party data center service providers. Customer requirements drive operations, and the moment a customer raises the flag, a new dimension has to be thought of, so that functionalities stay smoothly on track.

Defining data center services would involve explaining functionalities that range from planning, execution, and control monitoring, to closure of a project for a customer.


Prof. Krishna Moorthy, dean, Larsen & Toubro Project Management Center, Baroda, explains how judicious use of the three makes for success in large engineering projects.

  Large projects in thehardcore engineering differ from those in software engineering fields. Large software projects need a large team of developers and require several million lines of codes. In large engineering projects, the complexity in terms of the technology used and resources consumed, along with the execution duration, are indicative of the largeness.  

P. S. Ravindranath, President, PMI-Bangalore Chapter, traces the history of the chapter.

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