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Benefits galore
Mr. Sridhar lists out the advantages of following a PM process in his kind of operations. The major advantages, according to the CtrlS official, comprise “elimination of wastage of resources, ensuring quality, increasing efficiency of the project, and increasing the delight of the customer.” All these have also ensured that any project taken up by CtrlS has been completed in 30 per cent of the time taken by other players in the domain, says Mr. Sridhar. Further, customization efforts and cost advantages have made it easy for customers to opt for data center services provided by the company.


Mr. Sridhar points out that the Tier IV-certified infrastructure at CtrlS powers the mission-critical IT infrastructure of reputed companies and ensures seamless availability of their applications. For instance, bignames in the Indian corporate world run their data centers under the CtrlS roof. They include India’s largest bank, Bajaj Allianz, IOB, NTPC, Spicejet, Sahara Group, Gati, etc. “Typically, large enterprises tend to have their managerial staff in the same space to monitor the operations,” adds Mr. Sridhar.


In the case of Sify, Mr. Pereira adds that project management-prompted forward planning has been extremely beneficial as a whole. “Learnings on various milestones, constraints, risks and their mitigation plans are captured in a knowledge base, which is used as ready reference for future delivery of projects. This has resulted in effi cient and timeframe-bound delivery of projects with costs lower than the budgets,” he says.


Key challenges
It isn’t that challenges don’t exist in this domain. “Maturity of various stake holders in understanding the finer aspects of the delivery is the key challenge, as we deliver service to a varied spectrum of customers with varying maturity in IT. The same applies to external stake holders like vendors and service providers,” points out Mr. Pereira.


In this aspect, Mr. Sridhar believes that forward planning in terms of getting raw data, ensuring availability of data for future projects and the like would help a lot.


Companies in this domain go in for elaborate progress review and have found how project management initiatives have been helpful in achieving their goals to good effect. According to Mr. Pereira, “The PMI framework is followed here,, which includes timely review and reporting to various stake holders.

This includes everyone from the executive sponsor of the project to a minor stake holder. Proactive, reactive and corrective actions are taken to ensure the project is delivered as planned.”


PM processes, in fact, run alongside aspects such as initiation, planning, execution and achieving goals.


The effective implementation of progress management in a data center business banks on a variety of factors. As Mr. Pereira points out, “use of best practices and methodologies, trained manpower and delegated rights and responsibilities are key to successfully delivering a project.”


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